Wednesday, July 04, 2007

In honor of the day that we celebrate:
Not having to have "tea" instead of lunch or
Calling a car trunk a "boot" or
Having to sing "God Save Our Queen" on every national holiday,

here's a bit of RED, WHITE and BLUE:

Barn doors

I am so pretty
cold TRES egg

flying stinker
Yard indigo!
Transformer dragonfly


Body Soul Spirit said...

I love tea and royalty, but Canadians don't call the trunk a boot, or the hood a bonnet. Happy red white and blue...(the colours of the Union Jack!) ;-)

LauraHinNJ said...

I like your red, white and blue!

Happy 4th!

Lynne said...

I love your photo choices!
Happy Idependence Day to you too!
Let freedom ring!!!

KGMom said...

Actually--"God Save the Queen" is a whole lot easier to sing than "Star Spangled Banner."
I like your red white and blue offerings, too.

Mary said...

"Star Spangled Banner" is probably the most difficult song to sing.

Great post, Susan. I like your red, white, & blue.

Happy Independence Day!

KatDoc said...

Hey, great minds think alike!

When we were in Scotland, we had tea in addition to lunch, not instead of.
Any country where I can get 4 meals a day can't be all bad!

Sorry you missed the birding trip,


NatureWoman said...

Ohh, pretty reds, whites and blues Susan!

birdchick said...

I just tagged you with the 8 Random Facts Meme.

Check the July 5 blog entries.

Trixie said...

That white egg just melted my heart.

And I cannot WAIT to see your Eight Random Facts. Yippy!

LostRoses said...

Very imaginative, Susan! If there were a prize for best 4th of July post, yours would win!

beth said...

Wonderful pictures!