Monday, July 23, 2007

Am I in my body? I'm not sure.

I have been out of the house doing programs so much lately, I am having a hard time recognizing my husband and kids.
Today's one program, way out in Batesville, Indiana,
took all day. I left at 11:00 am and got back at 5:00 pm.
Girlfriend is tired.
Some random things from my past week, in no particular order:

Rita Skeeter
1. I met "Rita Skeeter" at the Newport Library.
This was one of the best costumes I saw that night.
Hippies use back door
2. This sign is on a door in Mt. Healthy, near RAPTOR. I'm not sure what it means, but it made me laugh. "No exceptions". LOL.
I couldn't figure out which store the door belonged to. There is an herb store on that block.
tiger swallowtail
3. The girls found a tiger swallowtail sitting in the grass yesterday. I approached slowly, thinking it was going to bolt any second. Turns out I didn't need to worry. It was dazed and stepped onto my finger. The "tails" were missing, and it seemed to be dying, maybe having just laid eggs. I placed it in our bee balm plants and wished it the best.

4. Geoff took the girls out tonight, and I sat down after they left and turned on the lap top. I woke up an hour later. I had fallen asleep sitting up.
I have turned into my grandmother.

5. I have kidnapped two of the pipevine swallowtail caterpillars and put them in our Butterfly Habitat. This time, we will be able to watch their metamorphosis.

6. Friday night (well, Saturday morning) I fell into bed like a log. I was awake a few minutes later, pulling a tick out of my hair. I got rid of it and tried to go back to sleep. I was awakened again, a few minutes later, with one in my freakin' ear. I got rid of that one and went to lay down in one of the girls' rooms (they were sleeping over at Mom's). I was not even asleep again when another one crawled over my forehead. I was in tears at this point, not because of the ticks, but because I was so unbelievably tired.
I finally figured out that I had brought them home, in my hair, from RAPTOR. There are trees above some of the mews, and I was under them while I was putting the birds away. EWWWWW.
As we left yesterday for Columbus, I covered every sofa and floor with flea and tick powder and also blankets to keep the dust off the animals. When we came back, I vacuumed.
Haven't seen a tick since. I say again, EWWWWW.

7. I was awakened this morning to Geoff asking me if I "moved the parakeets out of their cage". That made my eyes fly open. Of course I didn't move them. Turns out that one of our cats pushed the cage off their table and one of the doors had fallen open and they had escaped. I found Lollipop in the fish tank, sitting on the filter that sticks out of the water. He was grateful and showed it by biting me repeatedly. While I was gone, Isabelle found Echo under the TV stand. Imagine how scared those poor little guys were. This is not the house for parakeets. What was I thinking?

8. Geoff's first book signing was Saturday, in Lebanon. Guess how many people showed up.
ONE. And we know her. My cousin, Mary Lou.
And the store is closing in a few days. Nice swan song, huh? Redeeming factor: Geoff went over to a nearby library, and found out that people have been coming in and asking for his book.
Thankfully Geoff has a good sense of humor. Next book signing is August 4th, at the Barnes & Noble at 9891 Waterstone Boulevard, off Field's Ertel Road. If you live in Cincinnati, come by and meet us. Please?

9. I have a few more programs this week, and then I will have a few days off to reclaim my sanity, family and maybe go see some birds for a change.


Lynne said...

TICKS ((((shudder))))
Share pix of the butterfly progress please.
Poor parakeets.
Art and I have both read Geoff's book- LOVED IT!!
Will there be any book signings in Minnesooota?

I told Birdchick about Cape May, she said she'll come too and that we should get a group rate on registration being a "blogger's convention".
You need some rest. You're making me tired!


Mary said...

Didn't I tell you to get to bed last night at 10:19 p.m.?

I hate ticks. When I was a young teen, we had a school field trip to a nuclear power plant. All the girls wore "girdles" back then. That night, I found SEVEN ticks in my girdle. "There's something about Mary, ey?"

Lynne said "BIRDCHICK"! Wahoo!

Geoff will take off with a bang. If I could be there, I would! I'll write a terrific review for him after Michael and I read his book late September. I'm letting Michael take the first crack at it for his birthday.

I need to stop now because my right mouse click finger has a spasm going on...