Monday, July 30, 2007

A big No-no!

Hooper didn't run away today. That made it a good day.
Hooper sings opera
He crosses his legs like a lady.
And he sings. Since there's some husky or malamute in there, he doesn't bark. He yodels...especially when we all howl at him. "Aaaaa-wooo-wooo!"

But the poor guy doesn't get any love, really. We really don't care about him.

Poor unloved puppy
No hugs, no affections.
The kids really can't stand him
The kids can't even stand him. Poor neglected puppy.

Hooper investigates the lens
(This is what happens when you try to get a macro shot of his eyes)

I talked to Shannon about any Hooper specs I needed to know. His age three years ago when she first got him was calculated at 6 to 8 years. That makes him 9 to 12. It was hard to tell his exact age because he apparently used to chew rocks and his teeth are a bit worn. No wonder he walks a bit creaky...he's a senior citizen.

I had a program at a local, eco-friendly pre-school summer program, and they were so impressed and thrilled with my visit, they scheduled me for next summer right on the spot. You can imagine that made me feel good. On the way back, I saw this license plate:

It probably stands for "Black Satin", but I read "Black Satan". Or it could be "Block Satan"... or "Blink Saturn"......

Okay. I have kept this a secret long enough. We have a barn owl at RAPTOR. He was injured while hung up on a gutter or downspout or something. A large amount of skin was sheared off, and it's been difficult to get it to heal. One of our vets suggested amputation, but we aren't ready to give up on him yet. But it is looking like he will be a program bird, even if he gets to keep his wing. I have never wished a bird NOT to be released, but I can't pretend that I
would not happy to have him for programs. Most people have never even seen a barn owl, and they are not doing so well throughout their range, which is extensive. Birds of Ohio states that there are maybe 50 nesting pairs in Ohio, though there are probably more than we realize. Still, an uncommon bird.
*Susan does the Snoopy dance*

His unofficial name is "No-No". Barn owls when they are young have a damn cute thing that they do when they are threatened. They spread their wings, lower their head
and shake it, like they are saying, "no, no, no..."
When I dropped off my birds today, one of our volunteers was on her way down to do some stuff with him, so I had to get one picture, just through the cage door:
No No
That's just a damn cute bird.


Liza Lee Miller said...

Sheesh, Susan. Don't take a dog in if you aren't even going to be NICE to it. Poor Hooper!

Glad he stayed put today.

That Barn Owl. Wow. So cool.

nina said...

Of all the owls, I'd say he has a "kind" face, don't you think?
And as sad as it would be to forever be captive--maybe a very good ambassador for his world. Very unthreatening. A soft/fuzzy raptor? And maybe more love-able than bright yellow eyed-birds?

Mary said...

The barn owls were outstanding at the Raptor Center. I watched them longer than the others. Beautiful!

I think Hooper is lapping up the love! He seems to be a fine old gentlemen. An experienced traveler, too!

Juli Rose said...

Oh, cool!!! That doesn't even look like a photograph - it looks like a VERY well-done painting. I'd frame that one if I were you!

Lynne said...

Poor, sad, ignored Hooper. He sounds like such a cool dog- I really do wish we lived closer.

Cool barn owl. I guess they're not found in the wild here in Minnesota nay more. I've been looking all over the internet for a poem about barn owls that I read on someone's blog last year. Sorry- can't find it.

NatureWoman said...

I could have sworn the barn owl photo was a painting. That's one cool bird!
No, you don't LOVE Hooper at all!! LOL!
Okay, so I wonder what black satin is referring to. Fabric, yeah, that's it, um huh.

KatDoc said...

When you titled your post "A Big No-No!" and started with a picture of Hooper, I was worried. "What did that big lug do today?" I thought. My apologies, Hooper, for thinking you would do a Bad Thing. See what Staying at Home gets you? Love and kisses and a chance to smudge Susan's camera lens.

A Barn Owl - How totally awesome! Until this year, all my Barn Owl sightings were at zoos or demo birds for raptor rehab groups. Then, this spring, I saw a wild Barn Owl leaving a nest cavity and 3 baby Barn Owls in a nest box, one week later.

This must be the year of the Barn Owl. I hope this guy gets well enough to be released, but wouldn't it be awesome to have one as a program bird?!

~Kathi, protesting my verification word: "fpxgsnro" You must be freakin' KIDDING me!