Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lazy, the Purple Fairy, Guardian of Baby Penguins

Hooper gave us the scare of our lives today. Geoff was coming in the front door with his hands full, and Hooper slipped out. I had been warned of this, so I ran out after him. Without my shoes on. I called him and called him, but he just kept going. I chased him through three yards as he cut through the neighborhood. I have mentioned that because of my previous foot surgeries, I can't run. Well, I did a pretty good imitation today, out of sheer terror.
Hooper kept running, all the way to the entrance to our subdivision, then crossed the road in front of oncoming cars. At this point, I was screamed his name at the top of my lungs.
I chased him about half a mile down Rt. 48, in my bare feet, before he cut into some woods I couldn't get into.
I went back for the car, and spent another hour combing the surrounding neighborhoods.

After coming back to the house, I sent Geoff and the girls on their way (swimming) and went downstairs to do some work to get my mind off of Hooper. Awhile later, Nellie began to bark and whine and I dashed upstairs and looked out the front window. There was Hooper on the front porch.
He was gone for three hours. But he came back. Now, we have a leash hanging at the front door, so this doesn't happen again.

Lynne commented today that I have a big, soft gooey center.
I like to think of myself as a geode. A rough outer texture, with something inside that might be valuable. But I appreciate the comment, nonetheless.
Will-Yums for today:
Lorelei has bestowed on herself a new name and profession:
"Lazy, the Purple Fairy, Guardian of Baby Penguins". No idea where the "lazy" part came from, but it's cute anyway, huh? Also, Isabelle and I were out back, and she said that she was going to run all the way around the yard. She said, "I am going to start at the prairie, then go past the caterpillar garden, then past the host plant...." and on and on she went.
Host plant...she meant the yarrow growing through the fence. Now, I ask ya, what five-year old says, "Host plant"?


Rachel said...

Glad to hear that Hooper made it home safely, that must have been terrifying!

Lynne said...

"A rough outer texture, with something inside that MIGHT be valuable"????

That must have been a typo because my friend, you are a beautiful, precious jewel.... with a big, soft, gooey center.

Your girls are toot sweet!

Glad Hooper came back. I've heard huskies are runners.

Mary said...

Huskies have that reputation - they're runners. Everyone I've known with Huskies had the same problem. I'm so glad he came back! I know you can't run and you earned angel wings for that.

Your girls crack me up.

beth said...

Great action story here. Glad Hooper came home...

and I love your five-year old.

Dave said...

Hey, I'm told that I am Lazy.

NatureWoman said...

I love this photo of your girls! And I love the Will-Yums. Ohh, glad Hooper made it back home safely.
And hey, there's lots of valuable stuff going on inside of your brain!

Mary C said...

Hi Susan - your girls are so cute. It's always a treat to see a picture of them on your blog. Well, it sure sounds like Hooper has "husky" in him - as a husky owner I can vouch for the "disappearing act." When we first acquired our dearly departed Kody, my daughter and I were both in a panic - and long story short - he was gone overnight, but sometime in the wee hours of the night/morning he did come home. I certainly can identify with your experience. So glad Hooper is home again.