Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank goodness someone is teaching the girls how to be ladies:

Practicing our manners

Nellie is more interested in holding down the Princess couch. My bank account of affection is wearing a bit thin, because every one wants me to pay attention to them simultaneously. I say hi to Nellie, Hooper pushes in. I am reading to Lorelei, Isabelle wants help with the computer. I am petting one of the cats, someone either spills something or needs a band-aid or the phone rings. I always said that a house full of kids and animals would be the happiest place for me. But it makes me tired, nonetheless. And I have been known to be cranky from time to time.
Nellie kicks back on the princess couch
This pic reminds me of how small and harmless Nellie looked when she was a puppy. Oh, that sweet face. The best dog in the world.
Real frog, fake water lily
Look what I found in the fountain this morning...a real frog, sitting on my fake water lily. You know, Laura made fun of me when I got that fake plant. Humph. I can't get any respect.

Our young downies make me smile daily. The only way I can tell the young ones from the adults is the young males have red a bit farther up on their head than the grown-ups. This one is so tame that I can stand right by the window and take pics when she is at the suet feeder, which is right outside.
When I first started making Zick dough, I worried that it would go rancid in warm weather, but it turns out that I didn't have to worry. It's gone so fast, it doesn't have time to melt hardly.

I have an early morning program, but I have been oh-so-bad about visiting all the blogs I love. So I will prop my eyes open with toothpicks and go read.


Anonymous said...

Hooper is very handsome - is he staying for good?

Cool about that barn owl - I love their feathers and the strange way they look frosted almost - why is that?

Laura@SomewhereinNJ who's having Blogger issues!

Lynne said...

You've got that pulled-in-too-many-direstions, stretched-thin-as-air Mommy thing going on?

Sleep well friend.

Mary said...

Forget the toothpicks. Get some rest. You know you need it. Love that Downey!!!! I only get red-bellieds.

Chris said...

LOL love your frog on the lily. We would never have known it's fake if you hadn't told us :-)