Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My behind may be in southwest Ohio, but my mind and my heart are still in northern Ohio.
Lake Erie at East Harbor
My last picture of Lake Erie...at East Harbor State Park.
I had to force myself to get back in the car. And once I was in there, I had to force myself to start it and drive away.

But I find happiness at home.
Macro clematis
My clematis is going crazy. I planted it two years ago, I think, and this year it has taken over the recycled plant stand I put over it.
My clematis
(The traditional plant trellis broke the first year, but I saved it. Glad I did.)
Now, the clematis can take over the trellis. After that, we may need to buy the house next door to accommodate the thing.
We went to Earthscapes today, to check out the native selection. It's THE place to go around here for native plants. They have everything from herbs to pre-dug trees to annuals to perennials to landscaping services. One-stop shopping.
Dug trees Earthscapes
To go shopping here, you need to dress as if you are gardening. It's muddy sometimes and there's a lot of walking involved.
Two wagon girls
And you get a wagon to cart everything around, and you also get a clipboard and order sheet to write down what you are buying and where you got the plant. (It helps the employees keep track of what's moving around) Maybe you have had similar experiences with nurseries, but I just love the place.
Usually, a small, fluffy dog named Sweetie greets us, but today she was in the house, so this was our greeter:
BT at Earthscapes
A Boston! I can't seem to get away from these little buggers.
Lorelei and BT
She was very friendly, but a little strange. She mets us with a used napkin in her mouth, and after that was gone, she started carrying rocks in her mouth. And she would stare at a pole, like she was seeing something...but nothing was there.
False indigo, Prairie dock and Rosinweed
I got prairie dock, false indigo and rosinweed.
Rosinweed can grow to 5 feet, attracts mostly long-tongued bees, butterflies and some wasps. The seeds are eaten by goldfinches. Herbivores are not fond of it.
Prairie dock has the same attributes (they are both in the Aster family) and prairie dock is nearly indestructible when it's mature.
False indigo blooms from now into June, and the flowers turn into seed pods up to 2 1/2 inches long that children used to use as rattles.
We don't have much shade around here, and the shade we have is all natural and not messed with. So I think this stuff will go near the prairie, and maybe the false indigo will join the hummingbird corner.
Mommy TRES
Oh, I love tree swallows. I forgave them for driving off the purple martin.
The female is busy dropping one egg a day, and I won't disturb her for a few days, and then do a nest check to count eggs. Tonight, I slowly walked toward the pole, talking softly and making my TRES twitter with my tongue (putting my tongue to the roof of my mouth and making a dome, then letting the air escape slowly out of the sides, and it sounds just like a TRES) and the female looked at me and turned her head like a dog, as if she was trying to figure out what I was saying. I just hope I wasn't cussing her out in Swallowese.

Click To Play
Nellie likes to lay on the landing of our stairs.
I heard a deep, long sigh, and I started looking around for her, and had to shoot video of her.
It sucks to be her, huh.


Lynne said...

Poor Nellie, she looks so abused...NOT!! I love her looong stretch before she hops down the steps with her tail wagging. I know she's expecting to be loved up. Your clematis is gorgeous. I think I need to move mine. They're supposed to keep their feet cool right? I think my spot is too hot.

Liza Lee Miller said...

There is just not much better than a good day at a nursery! So much fun! Hope your new plants thrive!

mon@rch said...

I love visiting Lake Erie as often as possible! And what is up with dogs and rocks? They never seem to give them up! Now will download your video!

Mary said...

It's like heaven shopping at the nursery. Very nice plants. Good to be home!

Nellie enjoyed waking from her nap in front of the movie camera. She's a star!

Anonymous said...

I am very concerned about the first photos in yesterday's post. The girls always look cute. You must remember though: people should never press against a screen, lest they strain themselves.

The Swami

Dave said...

Your animals have such a rough life. I love shopping at the nursery. Temps have finally picked up here we and havn't been getting a morning frost. It's planting time!

Anonymous said...

Ah, a native garden center. Hope your plants take off. Give us a photo when you have them planted.

Our dog loves to hang off the end of the steps, the end of the bed, and the end of the sofa. What's up with that? Nellie has a great stretch.

Wayne, PA

nina said...

Have not tried to twitter, just perfecting my pshishing (?) keeps me pretty busy these days!--afraid I would scare them for sure!!
Thanks for adding me to your site list--I'll add you to mine, too!