Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've discovered the Meaning of Life

But before I divulge it, here are some photos.

Trixie and window plants
In addition to the outdoor plants I got yesterday, I also got a streptocarpus (also called Cape Primrose). Just because it's purple. From what I have read, it takes an idiot to kill one.
On the right is a poinsettia that I have not killed. That is a first. I bought it this past Christmas, and usually they are dead by New Year's. But this one is actually growing.
I also caught Trixie in mid-meow.
Really bad finch eye
Good grief. This male house finch has one serious eye problem. Looks like avian conjunctivitis strikes again. His other eye is healthy and he seems quite healthy otherwise (he was bathing and flying around just fine) but I hate to see it. As I have posted before, the best thing, according to the experts, is to not treat birds with conjunctivitis. Even though antibiotics may work, there is the worry that resistant strains may develop.
Prairie improvements
I put some plants in the ground this evening, finally. The prairie consists of an area 15 feet by 30 feet of grass, cosmos, bayberry, black-eyed Susans and a variety of weeds. I placed wood planks from the Red Barn about 5 feet from the grass and planted all of my native stuff in between the planks. The plan is to have multiple layers of different things that either bear seeds for the birds or flowers for the butterflies and bees.
It looks a lot better than what you can see here. I will be sure to post pictures when they are bigger.
Running Isabelle
Isabelle was suitably impressed.
And now, some more TRES porn!
More porn!
Isabelle wanted to know what the TRES were doing
(the birds weren't exactly locking the door and keeping it on the down-low).
So I took a deep breath and told her that they were mating, and that's how they make eggs. I waited for her to ask for more detail, but she was satisfied with that answer. Thank goodness.
Don't point that thing at me
Female tree swallow: "Hey, don't point that THING at ME!"

Oh, yeah. I was going to explain the meaning of life.

Well, on the way back from Lake Erie, I was behind a beat-up station wagon driven by a true, red-blooded hippie. Along with various political stickers (Democrats) and earthy stickers (Tread Gently, that sort of thing) he also had this sticker:
( I didn't get a picture...was too busy reading street signs trying not to get lost)
"Life is too short.
Don't be a dick."
Now, can anyone argue with that?


John said...

I hope that bird's conjunctivitis doesn't spread to the other house finches.

Mary said...

Ok, this is a different take.

When I read your first statement, "I also got a streptocarpus", I thought, Oh, No, Susan is sick!

It's been a long day but you really amuse me, "Susan, The Discoverer of the Meaning of Life".

Show some more bird porn. That's all I can handle right now.

Great post, by the way... I'm off to bed.

Liza Lee Miller said...

TRES porn! Sounds so french! :)

Great job explaining the birds and bees . . . little age-appropriate bits that they can handle and being honest . . . that's the way!

Jayne said...

I had a Streptocarpus on my porch last year and that sucker grew huge and cascaded over the pot...beautiful plant and loads of purple blooms, blooms, blooms!

Loved the bumper snicker... saw one the other day that made me LOL...
"Satan/Cheney 2008"

nina said...

Looks like you have a nice plan for your yard.
When we moved here, the previous owners had had it declared a "wildlife sanctuary"--and now, 15 years later, and with our efforts to let it fill in, we're beginning to reap the benefits. Walking the paths last night, I appreciated how many areas have developed their own character. But slowly. Some things need time to get established.
Your efforts to help bring things in are wonderful.

NatureWoman said...

I can't wait to see your plants, I love the bird porn, and Isabelle is beautiful. And, yes, for sure, life is way to freakin' short for all of us!

Dave said...

Can you cover the birds and bee's thing for me again? You do better with poinsettia then me. I general have them dead by the time I get them home.

mon@rch said...

How great that your Tree Swallows are getting action but why do they need to do this right their? Where is their bird respect!