Monday, May 14, 2007

We like weird

Around here, we like weird.
The weirder, the better.

Screen face 1
At my Mom's today, Lorelei wanted to get smooshy with the screen door.
Screen face 2
Screen face 4
Isabelle wanted to try it.
That's just strange-looking.
Screen face 3
Oh, for goodness' sake.

Around here, we also like pretty.
The prettier, the better.
Mom's yard is brimming with prettiness.

Fiber optic grass

Mom called this "Fiber Optic" grass. It's small, but interesting-looking.

Mom always gets a fushia, every year, without fail. Her hummingbirds appreciate them.
Hanging basket
This basket is full of lavender and purple petunias, yellow/orange violas, and a bunch of stuff that I can't identify.
And behind it, my "Dad's" garage.
He spent more time in there than he did in the house.
Mom's peonies could win awards, they are so huge and perfect.
Oh, man. Now she's just showing off.
I never realized how dainty the inside of a hibiscus was. Look at those stamens! If I were a flower, I would be all over this bad boy.


Liza Lee Miller said...

Susan! LOVE the smooshed face pics. And, too funny. My husband walked up behind me as I was looking at them. He couldn't read what you wrote -- just saw your children's distorted faces. The look of confused horror on his face was delightful. Then I said, "Screen door." "Ah!" he says, "I'm relieved."

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh, and WOW are those some spectacular flower photos! WOW!

nina said...

CNC was beautiful Saturday morning! Their prothonotary warbler had just arrived and was flitting around near the lake. Such a lovely thing!!

Mary said...

Susan, that first photo caused me to have a little seizure. LOL! Your opening statement, "Around here, we like weird." is worth 1000 words.

The flowers are lovely, but I really prefer weird little girl faces :o)

KGMom said...

Love the pics of those girls. What cuties! What hams!
And how special to be weird on Mother's Day--why not! If you can't go weird on Mother's Day, when can you--I ask?

Susie at GW said...

So susan, I've decided to keep a log of sorts of things that made me laugh, just so I have somewhere to go for a sure fire laugh! I gotta say, this makes the cut! The pics and your comments together, hilarious! Thanks, Susie

Lynne said...

Silly, silly girls!! I think we all need to try to be more silly! It's hard to get mad at folks when we make faces. Your Mom's peonies are GORGEOUS!! Mine are about two weeks behind yours. We had a BEAUTIFUL turkey vulture fly back and forth over our campsite this weekend (maybe we need to shower more!) I thought of you!!

nina said...

Oooo, Ooooo, O000--just caught something interesting at the feeder...can you name it?

NatureWoman said...

Weird is great! I love your daughters' smooshy faces!
Your Dad's garage, reminds me of my Dad's barn, le sigh. How dare they both leave us. . .
I love your Mom's flowers. I would so be all over that hibiscus, too!