Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Freakin' OW

My Mom offered to have Isabelle sleep over tonight, so we headed over. The girls and I went on a quick nature walk (Mom's place is like a nature preserve).
We found this...stuff...on a tree near the pond.
I don't know where to research on the Web to figure this out. Fungus? Flower? Parasite?
What is this stuff

snouty moth
Moth with a snout
(I have to get to a library...thanks, Nina... and get some field guides)
HOSP thwarted
I thwarted a pair of HOSP by removing their nesting material from one of Mom's bluebird boxes. I showed the picture to Mom, and said, "Take that, you little ba*****s". And Mom said, "Awww...". I told her to buck up and not feel bad for them. You can't ALLOW HOSP to nest if you find one. Period.
Gray with eyespots
Hackberry Emperor

And now, two quizzes...not for prizes, because I don't have anything you would want:
Can you spot Isabelle
Can you spot Isabelle?
quiz pic
What is this?

Indigo Lake Isabella
After leaving Mom's, I took Lorelei over to Lake Isabella.
The indigo bunting was there to greet us. I swear, where have they been for the past four years? I never saw ONE until this year, and now they are everywhere I go!
White with tick marks
A cute white guy with dark tick marks
The Little Miami always has something floating in it. But since the drought is upon us, the water level is very very low. This bunch of wood has been mostly under water until today. I was able to get close enough to photograph it.
"Colonial"? A boat? Outhouse?
River flowers
Laura suggested a good website to me a while back for wildflower ID's, but every flower I find seems to be absent from the list.
This is growing where the water usually is...vast, spreading swaths of it.

And then, it was back home again...
Can't you see that I am invisible
The momma robin is still sitting, but it's getting close.
"Can't you see that I am invisible?!?"

Here's where the OW comes in...
I was walking the perimeter of the yard while Geoff lounged in the grass and Lorelei was on the swing. Nellie has a favorite ball that she takes out every time we go in the back, and I was kicking it for her to fetch. Now, Nellie has a very annoying habit of standing directly in front of the ball when I kick it, but I can usually get it above her head so she has to run to fetch.
I was wearing my Mudd sandals.
*Go ahead and imagine scary, horror-movie, about-to-die music*
I kicked the ball, and as I was swinging my foot back, Nellie put her face right in front of my foot.
I ended up kicking Nellie straight in the head, full force (I can kick hard...I used to play soccer...but not in sandals).
I yelled "OW!" so loud, it echoed all the way down the neighborhood and back.

I saw stars. Really. Flashing spots in front of my eyes.
I limped into the house, cleaned off the blood (the impact took a layer of skin off my third toe) and put ice on it.
Considering how fast and large it swelled up, it's probably broken.
But I knew, from working for a podiatrist for 5 years, there's not much to do about a broken toe except for taping it. It's called the "Buddy system". You use the other toes as a splint and tape the injured toe to the others.
So I have a nicely wrapped purple sausage on my right foot. It HAD to be the right foot, didn't it?
And the kicker is (HA! Made a pun.) that tonight is a "Rodent Run" at RAPTOR that I said I would help with. For the uneducated, a Rodent Run is when some volunteers drive up to Kalamazoo, MI in a pickup truck to a lab/research facility and transport a whole truck bed full of mice and rats for our birds. (This facility also donates to zoos, etc.)
When the truck returns, we separate the critters into smaller bags and put them in the freezer.
When the call came in, I had to withdraw my help. I am staying home with my foot up, blogging.
And you missed out on pictures of freshly dead rodents! Sorry, guys.
One of the reasons it's cool to be married to Geoff:
We get samples from companies that he writes about for Entrepreneur, etc. We get big baskets of chocolate and wine at Christmas, and we also get stuff from Samuel Adams, which I may be diving into later:
For medicinal purposes only
We are keeping it for medicinal use. Promise.


mon@rch said...

Oooo Susan! I feel so bad for you and hope nellie is alright! I bet your foot is throbbing! On the good side, you photos are wonderful!

Lynne said...

I can't find Isabelle and the other is a feather. Poor toe- I think you should ice it with the beers! Just keep a steady supply and before long you'll feel no pain!!


Mary said...

I saw Isabelle - directly in the center of the photo from shoulders up. I don't know what the other thing is...

At least you had a great day of discoveries until OW. Is Nellie's face OK? I hope your toe is causing you throbbing pain, yikes.

Bella ran into my shin once - full speed - her head left an impression on my shin and I nearly fell to the ground in pain. She didn't feel a thing!

Mary said...

Ooops, I meant to say I hope you toe ISN'T causing pain...

NatureWoman said...

Oooowwwww for sure Susan! Definitely time for that Samuel Adams, for sure! I hope it's feeling better today.
Isabelle is at the center of the photo, and a Hawk feather. Oh, oh, I forgot to mention I saw an Indigo Bunting this weekend!

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary, I think your typos are hilarious. Reminds me of a postcard my Mom got from a friend of hers. It said, "Having a great time. It's the same without you." We STILL laugh about that.
Pam: Yay! Indigo bunting! Aren't they awesome? You and Lynne are right that it's a feather, but not what type of feather.
And yes, Isabelle is in the middle of the photo, barely. She went off in a snit when Lorelei started whining about something.
Mon@rch and everyone else:
Yes, Nellie is fine. I have said before that she is not a smart animal. Well, the hardness of her head proves that. It was like kicking a brick wall.