Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bootilicious frogs, cute piles of dryer lint, flutterbys, peek a boo BO, and dragonfly porn

I had a great day. And I love it when I can say that and mean it.
I had a program at the Loveland Castle today, for a homeschool group.
I think that my toe is whole, but it's jammed all to Hell and back.
The audience today was fantastic, the birds were well-behaved...and since I had Lorelei, Geoff met us at the castle and watched her while I presented.

Oh. By the way, I forgot to add this picture on yesterday's post:


Yep, they are doing what you think they are doing.
I'd like to see a human male get into that position.
Or maybe I wouldn't.

Okay, on to the cuteness...
I am so glad that Mom decided to drop Isabelle off at RAPTOR today. She has never been there, and today was a good day to see the birds.

A cute pile of dryer lint
Because we have a baby screech owl.
Go ahead. Soak that in.
Dryer lint has never been cuter.

Isabelle took MOM shopping yesterday, and talked Mom into buying her a Bug Habitat, complete with bug vacuum. She caught some little sulphurs and we released them in the back yard:
Butterflies like sweat
I love this picture.
It's not every day you get so close to a butterfly that you can tell the color of its eyes.

And I love this too:
I heard our little tree frog tonight, and I decided that it was time to meet the neighbor.
I took a flashlight with me, thinking that I would be able to find him by his eyeshine. Nope.
I moved the light back and forth, but I didn't even know what color I was looking for. They come in brown, gray and green. And all of those colors are in our Euonymus bush.
He doesn't mind when we are out there...he just keeps on singing.
So I narrowed down the section I heard him in, and then I saw a glint of frog-skin:
Tree frog booty
Tree frog booty. In all its glory.

I so wanted to reach in and pick him up, but I want him to stay and enjoy his visit.
So I only got pictures of his bee-hind. Well, at least now I know what color he is, and maybe I can find him again when he is facing out.
Isn't he cute, anyway? I could just kiss him.
But you know, I have kissed lots and lots of frogs...and I have my prince.


Dave said...

Nice picture of the owl & your mom. OK, I'm finding it hard to keep this a family friendly post.

Liza Lee Miller said...

Okay . . . not having nearly the self-restraint that Dave (above) clearly has, I will not avoid the Cute Overload references.

Utterly adorable frog 'tocks! Totally prosh!

And, I'm sensing a new Susan Goes Native feature . . . Owls on Racks!

Sorry, Susan's Mom, I couldn't resist. If those references don't make sense to anyone . . . don't blame me. Get on over to Cute Overload so you can understand. It's totally worth it. Go on, we'll wait.

nina said...

That baby screech--can I have one? It's a good thing I don't have your job. I'd want to take them all home!!

Mary said...

Dragonfly porn, now??? What are our blogs turning into?

I love that photo of your Mom and the owl on her shelf.

Happy to hear your toe is on the mend and Nellie's head is still in one piece.

Great post, Susan! Chock full of critters!

mon@rch said...

So many amazing photos and I also love the white female sulpher that you captured on your finger! BTW: The Tree Frogs are faves of mine also!

nina said...

I know you mentioned before your increasing interest in dragonflies. I just discovered this book, A Dazzle of Dragonflies, and its corresponding digital dragonfly website here:

The images are fantastic and it's fairly easy to maneuver. Take a look if you haven't already!

NatureWoman said...

Did you get to go inside the castle?
Ohh, cute baby screech owl! I love having it on your Mom so I can tell about how big the owl is.
Ohh, love the sulphur photo, too Susan!
Ohhh, and tree frog butt - that's just sooo cute!

Lynne said...

I wanna hold an owl on MY shelf!!!