Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Warm suet dough, frozen rats and mice

I finally got all the ingredients to make Zick Dough:

dough ingredients
It wasn't as disgusting as I thought it would be. Tip: Melting the peanut butter and lard in the microwave works great.
Peanut butter and lard

melted lard and peanut butter

dry ingredients
I didn't have quite enough oats, so I added some extra cornmeal, and it seemed to work.
When the spoon stood straight up, I knew it was the right consistency.
dough in the feeder
This stuff was stiff enough to pack into the suet feeder, as well as crumbling it up in a dish; though I think that in warmer weather, it would just run out.

And now, the Rodent Run!
RAPTOR gets lots and lots of mice and rats, of different sizes and temperatures. The whole process is this: Some volunteers drive up to a facility in Michigan, and pack all of these rodents in garbage bags, and drive them back to RAPTOR. Then, we dump each bag out onto a mesh screen to filter out the bedding that ultimately gets into the garbage bags. We then grab up handfuls of the critters and put them in smaller freezer bags, twisty-tie them and stick them in the deep freezers.
big rats

rodent bags
This is only about an eighth of what we packaged tonight. There were plenty of people there to help, so it went fast. This supply, along with other mice that we "bump" from our live colony, will feed our birds for a few months.

I disapprove
"I disapprove."


Mary said...

It's great to start the day looking at packaged rodents :o( But I should expect something like this on your blog. LOL!

I bought suet cakes w/peanuts from Wild Birds Unlimited and only a few birds are pecking at it! I threw away two month old cakes the other day and put some fresh ones in the feeder. Maybe I just don't have the right birds???? I've seen a wren and goldfinches there and that's all. I'm frustrated. Any suggestions, Susan?

NatureWoman said...

Mmmmm the suet dough looks good (for the bewds). The rodents on the other hand. . .
But I love your photos Susan! With seeing your ingredients piled on your stove it makes me want to go buy the ingredients and make it, too!

mon@rch said...

Love peanutbutter suet mix! You know, there was some discussion on one of the list servs about the risk of peanutbutter (with the recent scare) with the birds. I didn't pay attention too much, wish I could remember all the details on it!

Hillside Garden said...

Your sweets are looking very delicious! But I do not like peanutbutter very much! But oats..


Lynne said...

HEY!! Now I can call you a "rat bag" with a smile on my face! :)

Lynne said...

HEY!! HEY!! Where's my WORD?

The Swami said...

Yummy. What are you fixing Geoff for dinner this week? Perhaps "Rat"atouille?