Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A castle, tracks in the snow, Boomer, raptor

Word of the Day:

redoubt \rih-DOWT\, noun:
1. A small and usually temporary defensive fortification.
2. A defended position or protective barrier.
3. A secure place of refuge or defense; a stronghold.

Pam recently posted about a castle in Syracuse, and it reminded me that Loveland has its own castle:
It's official name is Chateau La Roche, but everyone around here just calls it the Loveland Castle.
From the Dupont Castle website:

"Chateau La Roche is the work of one man, Sire Harry Andrews, who started building the castle in 1929. Most of the stones from which it was constructed were carried in buckets from the nearby riverbed. Mr. Andrews would on occasion let someone else do odd jobs such as mixing mortar, but he laid every stone himself. Some bricks used in the building of the castle were made by pouring cement into used milk cartons and removing the cartons after the cement had hardened.

Over the years a group of people known as the "Knights of the Golden Trail" was formed to help Mr. Andrews with the castle. When Mr. Andrews died at age 90 in 1981, the castle was willed to the Knights of the Golden Trail. The Knights are keeping Sire Harry's memory alive by taking care of the castle and putting the finishing touches on it. They also make sure someone is there to guard the castle at all times. The castle can be toured or rented for weddings, or perhaps a party. Each Halloween, it is made up to look like a haunted castle."

And if you are really riveted, here's the Loveland Castle's official website.

chateau la roche sign

chateau la roche 2
It's impossible to get a good view of the castle when it's closed. This is the best I could do. The above website link has an aerial view of the castle and courtyard.
chateau la roche


gate to courtyard

medival hibachi
No castle is complete without a medieval Hibachi.
stones and mortar

this castle is my home
The castle is "guarded" by a live-in caretaker at all times.
snow tracks
If Julie can do posts about tracks in the snow, I can too. This is the railroad track that runs through Loveland, Branch Hill, Indian Hill (blech), etc. And no trains have run since the snow fell...makes for a cool picture.
Boomer 1
Still here...but Julie has a few nibbles, and so does Jane Streett, Chet's breeder. Everything that I can cross, is crossed. I am rather uncomfortable.

second year red shouldered
A very cold red-shouldered hawk around the corner...I will go out on a limb and say it's a second year. I love the face of a red-shouldered hawk. They have a much softer expression that red-tailed hawks. little has been happening. But the school system around here will probably decide our children can attend classes, so I will go out and get me some birds tomorrow!
I have lots of photos on my flickr page now. Have I mentioned that I love flickr?


mon@rch said...

Congrats on becoming a flickr pro and I love your tracks in the snow! I think I have come across some similar tracks before! You always know how to make us smile!

NatureWoman said...

Ohhh, awesome castle Susan! Thank you so much for posting about it! I'm always so happy to see old places like this - where some corp. or state hasn't torn it down for something stupid! And love the medieval hibachi! No castle would be complete without that! I always wonder what it costs to heat something like this!

And, I love railroad tracks, too! We have a trail here in my town that is on an old railroad bed that I really need to blog about sometime. And I will!

Boomer looks sad. Somebody please adopt him. He's a cutie!

I hear you with the yawn. I can't wait until this cold snap breaks so I can get out again!

Congrats on going Flickr pro! They getcha don't they?

Redoubt: These words are hard. Chateau La Roche looks to be a good redoubt.

Mary said...

Susan, the medieval hibachi is a riot! Those castle photos are great as well as the story attached to it. Even when you are locked up due to the weather, you are still able to pull a nice surprise out of the hat and produce another great post, ey? I love your entertainment.

Here's to schools reopening and a home for Boomer!

Lynne said...

Why red-shouldered? I admit I need me some buteo education. To my poor eye it's either a red tail or a not red-tail!

Good luck with the Boomer leads. I feel it in my bones that things will work out for Boomer. My bones don't lie!!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Good luck, Boomer!!! I'm thinking good thoughts -- Susan, maybe the new home is just taking their time thinking and over-thinking it as I am doing with Ruby?

Michelle said...

Okay. That's it. You and Laura are officially tooo productive and active and industrious for me. Golly, your girls sure are lucky to have a Mom that does all this cool stuff.

P.S. I never thought I would say it after moving from WI but I MISS SNOW!!!! Send some our way!

Susan Gets Native said...

That's me...Miss Happy Pants...always on the lookout for stuff my blogger buds will like.

I've wondered the same thing about heating a castle. They aren't really energy efficient, are they?
And flickr sucked me right in...they give you enough free space for 200 pictures, just enough to get you hooked, and then Bam!

Schools were open today and Susan was a happy camper.

Differences between RT and RS:
Look at the tail and the chest. An RT will have a pale chest with a "belly band" of dark VERTICAL streaks, an RS will have an orangy chest with smaller, HORIZONTAL streaks. The tail can trip you up if it's a juvenile RT, since they don't get there full red tail until their third year. But they will not have the bold, black/white bands on the tail like an RS.
Also: I have noticed that RS have a "scalloped" look to their back feathers.
Finally: RTs have a harsher expression, while the RSs are softer looking.
Of course, depending where you live in the country, buteos can be very very pale all over, very very dark all over, or somewhere in between, and you may have to make a guess on what you are looking at.

There are a few families thinking about Boomer. Julie had nibbles, and Jane (Chet's breeder) sent someone my way. Believe you me, I will be way more cautious about THEM than they will be about HIM.

You can have all the damn snow you want. I am officially ready for spring.
And I am only busy-sounding because I prioritize birds and my kids over dumb things like laundry and dishes.