Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Birds, planets and comic strips on the ceiling

So many things happen some days, I have to choose what I am going to post about. If you are someone like Laura, you have this perfect post with relevant information to go along with her pictures. Or if you are like Julie (and let's face it, WHO IS?) anything you post is perfect.
Or, if you are like Mary, you can make any jumble of nonsense hilarious and readable.
Or Lynne, or Vicki, or Liza, or Mon@rch...
Okay, Susan, get it together and make a post of cohesion and weight.
Okay, I can't do it. Back to your regularly scheduled here-and-there post.
Today, I had time between dropping off the girls and a medical appointment. (More on that in a minute)
So I went and sat in my car and did some "car-blind-birding", and I am glad I did.
I saw a blue-gray gnatcatcher (didn't get a pic...no surprise there, the little fussy buggers)...

Blurry creeper
...and a brown creeper. I thought they were hard to find when I read about them in my field guide, but I have seen two in the last few months in different locations with ease. Yay, me.
Where's the creeper
They don't stand out much, do they?

Rump of yellow-rumped
I also got a picture of the rump of a yellow-rumped warbler. I have a soft spot for these guys, because they were the first warbler I ever saw outside of Magee Marsh.
"I'm your Venus, I'm your fire..."
Geoff and I had a few seconds of peace out on the swing in the backyard tonight, and I got this shot of Venus as it was rising in the West.
The reason we were outside in the first place:
Blurry chickadee tail
We have a chickadee sitting in the sunflower nest box. That's her tail you can see in the entrance.
Now, the appointment.
(Geoff may cringe, but I don't mind telling people about certain things)
Hey, you men who read this...you can handle it. And you may learn something.
I had a "woman's" appointment today. I have been rather lax about keeping up my annual visits...as in, I haven't been there since Lorelei was born, three years ago.
What set a fire under me was that I have not had a period in almost three months. Pregnant? Nope. Already took a test and it was negative.
So, after that oh-so-lovely pelvic exam (and by the way, if you live in the Cincinnati area and need a OBGYN office, I highly recommend Seven Hills Women's Health Centers. They have both docs and midwives (I see the midwives) and they are great. Those midwives do the fastest Pap smear and pelvic on the planet. By the time you are just starting to read the comics on the ceiling, they are DONE)
My midwife and I discussed some of the reasons for my problem.
1. I could have temporarily low hormones, which could be fixed with a "Provara Challenge", where I take Provera for 10 days to "kick start" my cycles.
2. I could have a thyroid deficiency.
3. I could be diabetic.
4. I could have some unknown infertility problem.
So...I am waiting on the blood work results and we will go from there. If Geoff and I were done having children, I really wouldn't have anything to worry about (except for the diabetes possiblity). But we would like to have one more, someday.
Peri-menopause never came up, though I guess that's a possibility, too.
But I'm only 34! I am supposed to have many child-bearing years left, right?
So now you know.
Aren't you glad you checked my blog tonight?


Lynne said...

Don't you just love female problems? Ugh... Hope they figure out what's going on quickly.
Love the brown creeper pix. I think they are the perfect camo bird.
I watches a pair of chickadees checking out a little tree hole in my neighbor's birch this afternoon. I hope they chose it for a nest- maybe I can watch and get pix.
I love your posts. Everyone has their own style and yours is perfectly YOU!!

Liza Lee Miller said...

Hate female issues. I will let you know that I started getting really weird cycles when I was 33 or so -- and I hadn't had kids. As my doctor said at the time, "What are you waiting for? It's not going to get EASIER!!!" Anyway, now that I'm done with kids, I still have the weird cycles and find that being on the pill (or some version thereof) helps smooth out my cycles. For me . . . it's almost assuredly perimenopause -- but then again, I'm 43 not 34.

Oh, and on your posting style . . . somehow I found Julie's blog when I started getting serious about bewds. I loved your comments so much I started reading your blog and that led into a whole community of bloggers so don't allow yourself a moment of wishing you blogged like someone else. I love your blogging style!

Dave said...

I was going to be the guy with feelings and sensativity about your female issues. Oh what the heck, for Geoff's sake, get better soon! ;)

Mary said...

Like you, Susan, for me to post perfectly with cohesion and weight is too challenging so I prefer "whatever" posts, too :o)

I hope your blood tests solve the mystery. There's nothing worse than wondering. I'm glad all of that cycle stuff is behind me.

vicki said...

Yes! I am glad I checked in here today. You hit on two things of interest to me- birds and women's health. Your bird pictures today would have worked well for my "camouflage" lesson to the homeless shelter children the other day!
And I finally broke down, just this morning, and made an appointment for next month with a new physician in Chicago. I had my Michigan doc for 30 years so it's hard to switch but, you know, maintenance and all.
You're right about midwives in general; I think they are good for most every aspect of women's health care. BTW, my posts are all over the map. ;-)

mon@rch said...

I will stick with the birding part of this post! We all have our days with not knowing what to post! Those sometimes are some of our better post because it has more meaning to them! Love you saw the blue-gray gnatcatcher! Those creepers are hard to birds to find! That second picture I had to look at closer to be sure it was it! and love the butter butt! Wish you luck with everything else! You caught me speechless!

notallshe'scrackeduptobe said...

Don't you love the way the guys check in to say, ehhh, we're still here, and let's talk about BEWDS! Tee hee. (Simultaneous conspiratorial titter from all female readers). Good luck with everything, Susan. Hope you find your Franklin's gull.

Ann said...

Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.