Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is it time for me to retire yet?

I have four presentations this week, one right after the next. One yesterday, one today, one tomorrow, and one on Saturday. I remember this feeling...from when I used to work full time.
Someone who is very familiar with gulls needs to help me with this:

I really want these to be Franklin's
At Armleder Park, yesterday.
I have to assume they are Bonaparte's, since that is the most common black-headed gull around here...but when I looked at the picture of them in flight, I see red legs. Franklin's?
I wasn't close enough to see their eye rings or lack thereof.
I would really like them to be Franklin's.
Let them be Franklins
"Check out these lores, huh?"
I will be sorry to see our white-throated sparrows go. Such spunky little cuties.
Check out my lores
Some of our squirrels are showing the battle scars of the dating game. Squirrels will give chase to each other, and they do quite a lot of tail-snatching.
Squirrel with a bite
Anyone wanna bet that Cinnamon with find something to disapprove of here?
Cinnamon Rd.

Heck, I disapprove of this one. It's the cross street in front of our local high school. Think maybe those teenagers DON'T make big fun of this?


Mary said...

Laura asked for flower ID. I flunk. You ask for bird ID. I flunk. I'm a flunkie...oh, well.

Enjoy your presentations, Susan! I hope that one of these days I get to witness you in action!

katdoc said...

On the BiC website, Eric B. reports seeing 22 Bonaparte's Gulls at Armleder on Wed. On Thurs., William H. reported 25 Bonaparte's and 1 Franklin's Gull at the soccer fields on Kellogg Rd, west of Salem, which is very near Armleder. I'll bet your birds are the same ones that others have reported. While it is possible you have one Franklin in the flock, the majority are probably Bonies. Are you going out looking for them again this weekend? I'd like to get out birding and clear my mind of all the legal gobbledy-gook I have listened to the last 3 days while enduring jury duty.


John said...

I think they are Bonaparte's Gulls, based on the white wing-tips that are visible in the flight photo. The birds in the water also appear to lack white on the mantle, which one would expect from Franklin's.

Dave said...

Ms Presentations. Wow, you're staying busy for sure.

Trixie said...

Busy, busy....nice signs! YIKES!

Also, Susan, me and the girly-girls are going to be in Cincy May 4-11 or 12. E-mail me at if you want to get together. I would love to meet you.

Jayne said...

No help to you here on the gull ID. Love the sweet sparrow though!

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm so used to seeing Bonaparte's in the winter without the hood that I almost didn't recognize the hundreds of them that were here at the shore during the storm last weekend. They're nice looking gulls, I think.

Josephine Bonaparte said...

I wish that was Big St. next to Fallis St. (Another simultaneous conspiratorial titter from all female readers)