Monday, April 16, 2007

A post heavy on the sublime...go get a sandwich, dial-up peeps

There were so many times today that I was overcome with emotion.
The beginning of the day was spent with Lorelei at a local park that I have been to countless times...but only part of it. We walked down a path where someone told me a great horned owl nest had been for years.
As we crossed the bridge and started down the first hill, it was as if we left modern America and had been transported to a quiet dell in some forgotten corner of the world.

Path to stream
And it just got better with every turn of the path:
Stream 1
The path followed a stream that was clear and cold and perfect. No trash, hardly any leaf debris, and with a sound that was soft and powerful at once.
I was moved to tears at every turn. Maybe I need to stop calling myself a hard ass, if a babbling brook can turn me into a babbling idiot.
Stream 2

Stream 4

Stream 5
There were lots of places where the path dipped just to the edge of the water, making it easy to step down and touch the stones and the ripples.
Lorelei and stream
Lorelei thoroughly dug every minute.
Big green hill

WB nuthatch
I'm sure that on another day without wind and chill, the woods are full of birds. But today, lots of robins, one titmouse and this cute white breasted nuthatch looking skyward.
Later, after Isabelle got back from school, we took Nellie back to the dog park.
Someone called out, "Hey, Nellie!" I turned and saw Melanie, a tech at our vet's office. I just love it that she recognized Nellie before she recognized us.
I talked to her for quite a while, but some dogs in the "small dog" area caught my eye. The girls looked over and said, "Mommy! BOSTONS!!!!"

Daisy and Maggie
Two of them.
Maggie and Daisy, four year old sisters.
And the only way to describe there size is this:
Teacup Bostons.
Maggie was 10 lbs, Daisy 11.2 lbs.

I wuv you Daisy
And as sweet as the day is long.
I fell in love instantly.
Maggie liked to stay near "Mom", while Daisy played Keep Away with a tennis ball.
Mommy I'm cold
The wind was brutal again today, even with the sunshine. "Mom" bundled Maggie up in her coat. Know of any Bostons that will fit comfortably in your coat????
Run Daisy
I tried to get a photo that showed just how tiny they were, but they are Bostons. Not likely to stand still for more than 0.5 seconds.
But look at Daisy with a standard sized tennis ball in her mouth. Her head was almost the size of the ball.

I want another Boston. One that is young and malleable so that we can teach it to love our cats.
Can we go now
Ironically, Nellie did better in the "small dog" area than the regular run. She has a few neuroses that keep her close to me, and is not good with more dominant dogs. The puppies and the mini-Bostons ruled over her. It was hilarious.


Trixie said...

My girls LOVE Sharon Woods. We spent a lot of time there when my father was ill. Nice sunshine for your day. Cincy has some fine parks.

Susan Gets Native said...

Actually, that was Symmes Township park, up on Lebanon Road. But I can see how much it looks like Sharon Woods, with all that pretty water. Makes me want to go to Sharon Woods and compare.

Mary said...

Susan! I'm glad I can comment! Your walk (you crybaby) was worth a few tears. Just beautiful! Quality time with the your Lorelei alone is so special!

One of these days, I want a white-faced Boston!!!!! I don't blame you for wanting a Boston pup but beware they can be hell on wheels. I loved it, having two at different times! Those dogs are sweet but I'd prefer 20+ pounds. Sweet photos!

Nellie had fun, too. All dogs have their likes dislikes and she is a very sweet girl.

Glad I was able to comment! This was a great post. hard ass.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh, boy, are those cute Bostons!I have a weakness for the white-faced ones, too, Mary. Teacup, right! That's the trend in breeding Bostons now,tinier and tiner,and with shorter and shorter muzzles... one that I don't admire. Though those dogs are exquisite, I like a bit more size (obviously). Baker's twice their size. Talk about eternal puppies!

There seems to be a lot of dog lust around these days. Must be the lengthening days.

Sun on a good stream can move me to tears, too, and it's not from the glare. You convey that perfectly. Keep on walking and taking us along. That was truly lovely.

beth said...

Beautiful pictures...good to go back and read of this beauty on a day that we ultimately think of as tragic now...

Thanks for this, a gift..