Thursday, March 01, 2007

Goodbye Boomer.

Word of the Day:

redivivus \red-uh-VY-vuhs; -VEE-\, adjective:
Living again; brought back to life; revived; restored.

Finally, after weeks and weeks of searching, Boomer is at a foster home found through Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. The foster home is in Columbus, so I had to drop off the girls at 9 am, then drive around 100 miles. I stayed maybe 5 minutes, then drove 100 miles back to get the girls. I think everyone knows how I feel about Boomer, and I am just not in the mood to talk about it, so let's see the after effects.
Where are we going

Trixie ventures forth
Trixie ventured up first, since she was one of the cats who wasn't injured by Boomer.
I carried Queen up myself, but she got so panicked, I let her go back down. It will take her the longest, I think, because Boomer almost killed her.
Powder gets comfy
Powder made herself right at home, which was nice to see. We got Boomer back a week after we got her, so she has spent all of her time here in the basement.
Boomer gets warm
I feel good that Boomer is in a nice foster home, warm and cared for, and I know that he will soon find a family who is perfect for him.


LauraHinNJ said...

I think we should all send *find a happy, permanent home soon* vibes for Boomer.

Hope it works out this time.

Hugs, Susan.

NatureWoman said...

Sending the same vibes Laura is for Boomer to find a happy, permanent.
Bet your kitties are/will be glad to be back upstairs.
{{{Hugs}}} I'm thinking about you.

NatureWoman said...
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Mary said...

I'm sitting here before 6am with a large knot in my throat. I can't describe how hard that would have been for me to handle. Heck, I can't even handle reading about him. I hope poor Boomer enjoys the rest of his days...

You must be crushed, Susan, but happy to have your cats back :o)

Liza Lee Miller said...

I'm so sorry. I know how hard that must have been. I'm glad that your cats are free. You did the right thing all the way around but that doesn't always make it easier.

I really respect your decisions. They were made with love and care for your animals every time.

You rock!

Lynne said...

We love you Susan-
Here's a big squeeze for you.

Susan Gets Native said...

All of you are the awesomest. And I don't even care that "awesomest" isn't a word.

The Flock ROCKS!