Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cake, Ice, Disapproving rabbits, Valentine's and some more ICE

First, to get it out of the way:
Happy Valentine's Day!
Did you know that no one is sure WHO St. Valentine actually was? It could have been any one of three martyred men of ancient Rome.

Yesterday, we watched the snow fall. Then we watched the ice fall.
Then we made a cake.

Love cake

The FedEx man braved the nasty weather to deliver the galleys of Geoff's book. It is so cool to have something to hold, instead of just reading it on his computer. July 10! Mark your calendars!
galleys of Geoff's book
We watched quite a few movies was Milo and Otis. And it had disapproving rabbits!
Bunnies from Milo and Otis

While checking on the GHO nest at Lake Isabella, I noticed my foot prints.
I knew that my stride was a bit off, but I now see that I walk like Charlie Chaplin.
I walk like Charlie Chaplin

female house finch and ice
A female house finch and some ice.
icy crabapple
...and some more ice.
icy feeder and house finch
...a male house finch leaving a feeder full of ice.
icy fountain
...The fountain outside the front door, ringed in ice.
icy leaves
...some leaves encased in ice.
icy little bluestem
...and look! The little bluestem has ICE!
I'm cold....
"Please love me and feed me. I'm cold."

Isabelle makes a special Valentine for her teacher
I sat down with the girls to help them with Valentine cards for their classmates. Isabelle drew a special card for her teacher, added pictures of a bird, a flower, a cat and the words "I love U".
Lorelei makes a special Valentine for her teacher
Lorelei made a special card for her teacher, too.
Look at that south-paw!

A few miscellaneous stories:
The power went out at 7 pm last night. We played musical beds all night:
I started out in our bed. Lorelei was in hers. Geoff and Isabelle were on the couch.
Then, Geoff and Isabelle came up to our bed. Then it was Geoff, Isabelle, Boomer and me.
Boomer was snoring, and Isabelle couldn't get comfortable, so I went down to the couch.
At some point in the night, Lorelei woke up cold, so Geoff and the girls ended up in our bed.
Then, Geoff and the girls came down to the couch and I went up to bed.
Yeah, I got a whole BUNCH of sleep.
I have a song in my head and I can't get it out. Not that I want to.
My new favorite song: Dig by Incubus.
You can hear it here.
Don't even pay attention to the's stupid. But the song curls my toes.
I get into any music that takes me on a journey, whether it's back to a certain point in my past, or to the memory of someone I dated, or have lost. Or when the music puts me into a euphoric mood. Or when it makes me cry.
The other day on Noggin, (a kid's channel) one of the shows called Jack's Big Music Show was playing the song "Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Yay", and the whole time, all I could think was:
"Ta Ra Ra Boom Dee Yay,
Did you get yours today?
I got mine yesterday.
That's why I walk this way."

(I think that's a George Carlin bit)
My Mom called me the other day to tell me that two hawks were getting it on in her back yard. I asked her some questions, and ascertained that it was a pair of red-shouldered hawks.
Cool! Raptor porn!


Mary said...

You described your plight perfectly and it was so enertaining! Cold. No sleep. Boomer snoring :) Busy girls. Great music in your head,

"We all have someone that digs at us,
at least we dig each other."

Yep - that's it.

Hawk porn. Spring is coming, Susan. Have faith.

I am sending virtual sunshine from my world.

Lynne said...

Glad yo're all OK even if you didn't get much sllep. I was a little worried about you all yesterday. That's so exciting about Geoff's book. Songs are powerful, both lyrics and melody. Hope things thaw out soon!

John said...

We didn't get anywhere near that much ice, which is probably for the better. There were plenty of power outages around here as it was.

Carol said...

I love bunnies. Do you have them as pets too??

And hey, just check this out beautiful bunnies

Mary said...

I forgot to say congratulations to you and Geoff on the book! Also, all of your ice shots are great but I particularly like the female house finch in the tree (5th pic).

Liza Lee Miller said...

Glad you are all okay. Congrats on the galleys! So cool. Love your cake. Your icy bird pics are amazing to this California girl! Brrrrr!

NatureWoman said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too (okay, a day late). I like your new time line - looks like we're going to the tropics - woo hoo!
Your cake looks yummy, mmmmmm - making me hungry!
Yay!!!! to Geoff's galleys!!! What fun to actually hold the book.
Noooooo, no ice, bad ice, ice needs to melt today.
Love seeing your daughters working on their valentines!
Hope you slept better last night. I sure did!
Go bewds - doing their repro thing!!

vicki said...

You're bad. Good, too.

So much ice- but I always liked it when it coated the branches like that back in Michigan. I suspect I'll see my share of ice this weekend as I take a zoo trip back to Chicago.

We are enjoying regular bouts of raptor love over here!

Trixie said...

That photo of the finch in the glass house is amazing. Glad you got to hunker down at home.

And ohhh....raptor porn! Happy Valentine's Day, indeed!