Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lots of ice.
No power last night.
We are alive.
Will post later.


NatureWoman said...

So sorry about no power last night. That just sucks big time. Especially with two daughters. Hopefully you all stayed warm.
Glad to hear you're okay.

Lynne said...

EGADS! That's a long time. Did your house stay warm? Did your kids make you nuts?

Glad you're OK!

The Swami said...

The Swami is so relieved.

When you did not post last night I knew there were only two possibilities. The power was out, or you were being held hostage by aliens from another solar system.

Blog On!

Mary said...

I knew something was wrong and it was weather related. Hang in there, Susan. I've been thinking about you. Damned weather! Stay warm and safe.

mon@rch said...

Glad your power is back up again!! Sorry about the ice storm! Glad your family is safe! Happy V-Day!

Dave said...

Happy Valentines Day!