Thursday, February 15, 2007

Okay, enough already. Bring on the warmth.

Word of the Day (And boy, does it fit!):
gelid \JEL-id\, adjective:
Extremely cold; icy.

orange house finch
I am getting quite attached to my little orangy house finch. But there is a direct correlation of redness and health and fitness in house finches and other brightly colored birds, so maybe he won't be around for long. Sometimes I wish I were ignorant of certain things, and could just enjoy nature blissfully unaware.
I miss my cats. I spend time with them in the evening, as I sit here and blog, but I miss them curling up with me in bed, and watching them tear through the house on their little kitty errands.
Mom's weeping cherry tree 02-15-07 least ice is pretty. I tried all day to capture what I was seeing in the ice, but I failed. Each tiny knob, each icicle was throwing rainbows.
Anywhere I went today, it was like driving inside an ice castle. Or a glass house.

Makes me think of that song..
"Ow, she's a brick....HOUSE..."

Icy Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne's Lace, sleeping under an inch of frozen rain.
Tree sparrow and skating song sparrow
I didn't realize how funny this picture was until I uploaded it. I was photographing the tree sparrows at Mom's feeders, and when I saw this picture up close, I realized the song sparrow behind the tree sparrow looks like he is skating...or about to fall.
Fetch, Nellie!
I love to watch Nellie run. And I cringe the whole time. She just isn't young anymore, and every day, I am reminded how stiff her back and tail are. I don't ask her to "sit" anymore when I give out treats, because most of the time, she slowly lowers herself onto one of her hips, instead of sitting on her bottom.
Frozen bluebird box
The bluebird box had fallen down, and when I picked it up, a big slab of sod was stuck to it. Soon, Mister and Missus will be back, and by God, they will have babies this year!
All of the house sparrows and starlings will fall victim to my trap and RAPTOR's new CO2 chamber.
*evil cackle*
Frozen sunflower chickadee box
This fancy nest box has reared three successful broods of chickadees. These are last year's survivors.
Ice ice everywhere
Everywhere you
Ice skin on maple
Even the trunks of all the trees have a skin of ice.
Sunset ice
Watching the sunset through the ice was inspiring. The ice pulled in every drop of gold light and I wish I could paint.
Boomer stalks the basement door
Boomer's time is running out. We are going to set a date, and if he hasn't been adopted by that time, he will be going to a local Boston rescue. Damn it.
I have two very big guns firing for me (Julie and Jane) but no one has stepped forward to adopt him. The longer he is here, the more painful it becomes.
In the above picture, he is stalking the cats through the basement door.
BIG sigh.

To end on a good note...
A bit of wisdom from the oh-so-intelligent and wise Susan:

"People in glass houses...

Neighborhood 02-15-07

...probably go through a lot of Windex."


LauraHinNJ said...

OK, I've put off saying this long enough....

ditch the cats and keep Boomer.

Cats are so... catlike!

I know you love your cats, Susan. Just joshing with you.

Lynne said...

Susan- you kill me! You're so funny and just so twisted!!
At the rate this winter is going I hope the sod has melted off the bluebird house before they arrive...
CO2 chamber? NOoooo!

"...she's mightee mightee- just lettin' it all hang OUT..."

nutyfayoo (I kid you not!)

Mary said...

Susan, these are probably some of the best photos I've seen from you. The ice is so enchanting! I loved the chickadee story.

Poor Boomer. I have high hopes for him...

Your wit is so funny and twisted...I can't tell you how many times I've burst out laughter and mumbled, "My God that Susan is a piece of work."

Lynne said...


mon@rch said...

Love you ice shots (sorry you had to live through them)! The Songsparrow falling is a great shot! I caught myself laughing also! Love the cat photo also! Prrrr

NatureWoman said...

"The lady's stacked and that's a fact, Ain't holding nothing back."

Sorry about all of your ice - you're right it is pretty, but so yucky at the same time.

"The clothes she wears, the sexy ways, Make an old man wish for younger days,"

OMG - sparrow skating - too funny!! Your kitty looks like she's smiling wide!

"She knows she's built and knows how to please, Sure enough to knock a man to his knees"

It is gelid here, too, very, very gelid.

"Shake it down, shake it down now"

Liza Lee Miller said...

Oh you guys! Now, when I go back to school to pick up the kids, I'll be singing Brick House to myself and not acting like the professional that I should be -- what will the parents think when I beebop around the corner belting out "OOOOOOOOO! She's a brick house." Hmmmm, I think I need to immediately download that from iTunes and get it on my iPod for the drive back to school!

Seriously though . . . I'm so sorry about Boomer. I wish I had a better suggestion than crating him so that the cats can have their time in the house too. You have certainly done all you can -- short of calling Cesar Millan out to solve the problem. It sucks!

"She's mighty, mighty just letting it all hang out!"