Friday, January 19, 2007

A whole bunch of stuff that doesn't go together

I have a feeling that this post is going to go all over the map.
Hang we go:

In the car tonight, Isabelle started an interesting conversation:
Isabelle: Mommy, when I am a grown-up, I am going to have two sweet girls.
Me: I see. Do you have names picked out?
I: The first one will be called Madison.
Me: (thinking that isn't a very original name...) Okaaaay. What about the second?
I: She shall be called Twinkle.

After wiping my eyes and regaining control of the car, she continued:
I: Mommy, I think I will have five girls.
Me: Wow. That's a lot of kids.
I: Yes. I am going to live in a shoe.
*I once again almost lose control of the car*

Earlier, she had untied my shoelaces, and I slowly retied them. She said, "That's a fine bow, Mommy."
Who talks like that???


There was an attempted child abduction less than a mile away yesterday. Oh. My. God.

Junior News:
At our board meeting the other night, I discussed how Junior had become aggressive/horny.
While I made a good points, the board has decided to give him a few weeks of "tough love", i.e. waving the net at him, squirting him with a hose if he gets too close, etc. It came out in the meeting that he has landed on someone else, too. So Junior has two strikes against him.
I don't think anyone will hesitate about the next imprinted bird that comes in. They should have done this from the beginning. But what do I know?
(That came off way more sarcastic that I meant)


my newborn photo

Guess who this is!
I found this recently, in the hands of Isabelle and Lorelei, who were fighting about who got to hold it. I whisked it away, and decided to share it. Cuteness sure does fade...

boat on grand valley
More gripes about Grand Valley (aka the gravel pits that the elitist village of Indian Hill says can't be enjoyed by us filthy commoners):
There are f**king boats on the water! You should have seen the coots panicking and flying away. I was sick to my stomach. I am really starting to hate the whole thing. They state that they "are concerned about the water supply" and "don't want the place overrun with people, because of the effects on the water fowl", yada yada yada.
Know what I say to that?
You have to live in their zip code to get a permit for the place. They don't give a damn about the birds. It's all about "We have it, and you can't, because we live in Indian Hill". I wrote a very well-written letter to the City Manager, giving all the reasons that dogs and boats shouldn't be allowed, but birders should, and all I got was the reply, "thanks for your comments." Yeah, well, F**k you too, buddy.
Whew...I feel a little better.


Mom and I invented a new word today:
I was on the phone with her, and I was trying to say, "Reasonable deniability", but all I could seem to get out was "reasonal". So that's our new word.
Geoff is a total word-snob (those picky writer types) and totally hates it. Tee hee.
wishing it was a purple finch
I so wanted this to be a purple finch. The coloring was different, and I nearly broke my leg lunging for the camera.

white things falling out of the sky
I was alarmed the other day when I saw all this white stuff falling from the sky. I ran to tell Geoff that obviously a volcano had erupted nearby and we were being pelted with ash. He told me to calm down...he remembered hearing about something a long time ago, called snow. He said it was a natural occurrence and I shouldn't be scared. husband is so smart. I had never heard of such a thing.
But he IS older than me...I forgot to post about it on Wednesday, but he is now 37. Old coot. He says I am his young, hot trophy wife. Oh, babe, tell me more sweet lies.

sweet boomer
I so love this little dog. But he REALLY has to go. I have had some bites, but nothing definite yet.

purple finch wannabe
Another shot of the purple finch wannabe.

And a pretty lass house finch. Who cares if they are "just brown". I think they are wonderful.
What else...
I am going birding tomorrow, all by myself. Yippee!

Geoff is finishing the copy-editing of his book tonight. I will be so glad when we have the real, bonafide book in our hands. The poor man has been thinking about this book for about 10 years, and has actually been writing it, at least in some form, for 2 years. I fully expect all of you to get a copy, too.

I love Flickr. And I switched to Mozilla Firefox, and I love that, too.
I think I am finished now.


Mary said...

WHEw! What a post! It's even posted TWICE! Susan, you are too much and had a day similar to mine. I hope you sleep well tonight.

Your conversation with Isabelle is a classic one. She really has a wild imagination. Good girl. She does have her Mom's wit.

I hope that Junior beomes less horny and Boomer finds a forever home.

You have a male house finch there, sorry.

Sounds like you need a bird day alone after a good, long rest. :o)

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks. Every once in a while I just need to purge. I could have gone on, but my fingers were tired.
Some folks around here have seen purple finches at the feeders in the past few weeks, so I am keeping my eyes peeled.
Isabelle is a constant source of giggles and hypertension.

The Swami said...

Under Boomer's photo you said, "I have had some bites." Well, that is the last straw. Swami is not suggesting you have Boomer put down, but he should at least be detoothified. Hey, you said you liked new words.

Had you listened to Swami, you would have switched to Firefox long ago.

Hmmmm. now that I think about it, Swami was almost detoothified this week. But that's another story.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to name my daughter Madison, but got vetoed by what is now my ex-wife. Enjoy them now Susan because they grow way too fast.

LostRoses said...

I'm glad you wrote down that sweet little conversation with your daughter, how quickly we forget!

When my 3-year-old grandson learned he was about to be the brother of twins, he decided they should be named Kiki and Bob. He was very adamant about that. Not sure where they get these ideas, but it sure is memorable!

vicki said...

This post was hanging together under the category of small ones we care about for a while there. Then I had to flip back to Boar's Head and laugh at that. At our Boarshead Festival all the huntsmen get to do is carry in a giant platter holding something that looks like Alf.

Sweet daughter, fiesty owl, tiny finches and another book? That last has me interested and I'm sending a link for that on to Rich, the professional sports guys under this roof.

A good view to your life- thanks!

NatureWoman said...

Girlfriend! You had a lot on your mind. Now to comment on it all. I love Isabelle's conversations with you. I can hear you laugh in my head over her punchlines.
I'm sure you & Geoff don't let those little cuties out of your site. Anyone who bothers/harms children should hang by something I won't say here.
I'm sorry, I hate hearing anything getting sprayed / squirted with water. No matter how aggressive. I mean I don't want humans to be hurt either.
Cuteness turns into beauty! What a cutie Susan!
A BOAT! You can't bird but they can BOAT? OMG.
My Mom and I have words like your reasonal. Usually when I'm thinking of two words at once and say them as one word - that becomes our new word.
Love the Boomer face - thanks for showing it to us again.
All bewds are wonderful, aren't they?
And yes, I'll be ordering your hubby's book!
I also love Flickr and Firefox. I hate IE but have to use it when someone hasn't optimized their website to include Firefox.
Have a great day birding! Can't wait to hear about your results!

The Swami said...

Thought you would like to see the article in today's Cincinnati Enquirer about the gravel pit/park you mentioned.

It's at:

Anonymous said...

Who talks like that? Well, my dear, *my* precious, precocious daughter talks like that. You. Are. In. Trouble! :)

Love the pictures. Love the snow story. Don't love the Indian Hill story -- for your own sanity, stay away from there . . . that way lies madness!

katdoc said...

Boats on the gravel pits. Well, damn - why don't they just open up a hunting season? That has to be the stupidest thing yet. I was a little worried about the walking paths - already, there are less ducks around the perimeters of the ponds, which means mostly dabblers - then I was irked by the dog walkers, especially by those who let their dogs play in the water (and this from a Dog Mom who loves to let her girls wade and swim, in legal waters) and now boats. Great. Just great.

Good-bye waterfowl birding at the Camp Dennison Gravel pits, hello "just another urban park trying to imitate nature."

Did you go out with the bird club group? Bob was leading a trip to CD and the surrounding area today. (I had to work. And on my birthday, too)

~Kathi, bummed out