Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tryin' Flickr

I haven't really utilized Flickr yet, so here goes...

loreleis clothing choice
This is what happens when the kids dress themselves...
belles clothing choice
I swear she isn't color-blind...or to use the PC term, "Spectrumlly Challenged".
grand valley dog
I went to the gravel pits today and stayed on the legal side...which is the road. A man was walking his dog there. I see lots of folks with their dogs...why are birders banned, and not dogs, if the city is worried about the birds?
grand valley from afar
This is what you can see if you are a law-abiding citizen
I get by with a little help from my friends
Forgive me as I get uber-corny...this tree, which is still alive, reminded me of the Joe Cocker song "With a Little Help From My Friends". And it reminded me of the wonderful blogging community I am a part of. We are all a bunch of trees in the same forest.
chuck and burly tree
I had a walking companion for a while this morning...This is Chuck. No, he is not our newest dog. His owner stayed in the truck while Chuck relieved himself around the parking lot, and when I started my walk, he came along. The owner finally came looking for him after we had already entered the woods. This dog must have been 30 years old...he was stiff, I could almost hear his joints creaking, and he was dribbling urine the whole time. Poor puppy...
frozen fungus
The fungus that was so gorgeous a week ago is succumbing to the frigid air.


Anonymous said...

Corny, but true. Great post and neat pics!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, Beth. I'm not a mushy person, but I love my blog community,

BTW, all: Pam at Nature Woman is awesome. She pointed me to Flickr, which I had poked around at, but didn't try to send photos to my blog until today. Now that I am comfortable with copying and pasting code, etc, I like Flickr A LOT.

The Swami said...

Isabelle's outfit looks fine to Swami. What do you mean: Spectrumly challenged? Snappy dresser.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Lorelei is a hiking balerina and Isabelle is a mini-hippy! What's wrong with that?!?

You can be corny- remember, I said hi to the snowy for you!

You are right though, this IS an awesome group of folks in this corner of blogville.

Mary said...

I showed up at your other doorstep...

These photos are really, good, Susan. Your girls know how to shine for the camera :) Nice story today, but that poor old dog broke my heart.

We are all trees in the same forest, so true. What a great bunch of trees.

NatureWoman said...

Susan - I *love* the photos of your daughters. So did you make them change or did they go out with those outfits?
Stayed on the legal side - what fun is that? Only kidding! Why would the birders be banned - I don't get that either.
I love seeing a falling tree being held up its neighbors and I love your analogy to our blogging community!
Poor Chuck. And poor fungus.
And welcome to flickr - I love it - glad you do too now! BTW you can change the permissions on your Flickr photos and still be able to show them on your blog. I keep my photos private with about half of them viewable by friends and family. But I'm just a private gal!

katdoc said...

Hi, glad to see you again. When you made the move to Wordpress, I lost you. For some reason, as yet unexplained, I can't access you at your Wordpress address.

The whole dog-walking thing baffles me, too, Susan. It isn't that birders are banned, it is that we have the wrong ZIP Code. But, if dog walkers continue to frequent the pits, I'm afraid we will lose a lot of our waterfowl. I am already seeing a decrease in the number of dabbling ducks, and in some of the divers. Coots seem to be hanging in there, but the diversity is already slipping. Bummer!


PS: I posted an "evil laugh" comment on your trek down SR 222.

Michelle said...

Lovely ladies! I used to be totally anal when Morgan was little - it was a treat for her to get to wear what she wanted if we were leaving the house. The fight wears you down though as the years go on. Now as long as she is dressed appropriately for her age and looks clean, I could care less. LOL.