Friday, December 08, 2006

Putting it down.

(Random picture of neighbor's maple from a few months ago...we need a little color)
My ever-so-incredible in-laws have taken the girls for the night. That left Geoff and I to do some shopping for toys. It's actually more fun to go to a toy store with your husband, versus going with your kids.
And a treat: We went to Starbucks, and even sat down, to enjoy our drinks. And we talked about books, and movies and things that we used to talk about when it was just us.
Geoff commented that I was a little too happy to be without the girls. I reminded him that if the tables were turned, it would be him acting like a liberated POW. I didn't have to worry about crossing a parking lot, assuring that car seats were properly installed, or if anyone in my company was going to start ripping items off the shelves. I didn't even carry my purse. I didn't have to carry anyone. Tonight I got to put it down.

Bird stuff: Great horned owl breeding season is soon to begin. If you feel like hearing horny owls, go out at night and sit somewhere quiet away from houses, etc. And just listen for the "hoo-hoo-hooo, hoo, hoo" or other variant.

I am lucky that I know just where to find GHO's. Lake Isabella, the star of a lot of recent posts, has had an active GHO nest for quite a few years. The park has secured a large steel drum to a nice, sturdy sycamore and they have been very successful. I watched two nestlings grow up last winter, and hopefully I will be able to watch again (and get GREAT photos for you!) I can't remember for sure, but I think the above photo was of last year's banding. And now that RAPTOR is in the house, maybe I can actually watch the banding this year.


LauraHinNJ said...

I remember those pics - they were really cool!

Glad you enjoyed some time with the Dh and hopefully got some shopping out of the way. I haven't really started yet.

NatureWoman said...

Thanks for the color - can't believe it was just a short while ago we had color.
And thanks for the info on the owls - I'll have to listen for them!
And I hope you enjoyed your *entire* night with your hubby, wink wink!

Mary said...

I always hear the owls with the hoot you described. I'm still hoping for my 12x zoom at Christmas but I don't think I'll happen since my camera is only a year old. I hope you enjoyed your time with Geoff. I remember taking Gina and a few other toddlers out to shop when I was babysitting (22 years ago) and it was a long and drawn out ordeal... But I look back on those days now, with a smile, even though they beat the crap out of me. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.