Friday, December 08, 2006

Two posts in one day? Aren't you lucky!

Number 1:
When I log onto Blogger, it's asking me to switch to Beta. Any thoughts on this? Would I be dooming myself, or is it worth it?

Number 2:
I will be getting my Holiday cards ready (why can't we say Christmas cards?!) and I would love to get addresses from all of my regular readers. If you would like a handmade card from yours truly, send your snail mail address to me. And I promise that they will remain safe and unpublished. (Unless you leave me a seriously bogus comment, and then all bets are off!)
Please, all of my know who you are. Basically, if you have left a nice comment on my blog, ever, you deserve a nice custom-made card.And I leave you with a cute photo of a dark-eyed junco with snow on his cute little face.


Anonymous said...

Number 1.
I switched over to bete a while back and hated it at first. But now they seem to have worked out the bugs and it's fine.

Number 2.
Done! :)

Endment said...

I get the same message from Beta Blogger - I tried to make the switch but now I get a message that says there is a technical problem....

Beth said...

I like Blogger beta. Others have had trouble with it, though.

Anonymous said...

I tried Blogger Beta out with an anonymous teacher blog that I do (wherein I don't share any information about myself for privacy reasons) and I liked it. I switched my regular Blogger account to the new Blogger yesterday. I like it but I don't seem to have the troubles with Blogger that other folks do. Fingers crossed! :)

John said...

I switched another blog I worked on to Beta a while back and had no problems. The new template system has some neat features, including labels for posts. The one thing I would advise is to make a backup copy of your template.

NatureWoman said...

Love the snow on the little junco's face - it's too cute!
Let's see, blogspot beta - how about Wordpress, or do I sound like a broken record?
I sent you email! Thank you Susan! You're the best!

beckperson said...

OK, I can't believe school was cancelled with this amount of snow. What a bunch of wussies!

:-) ha hahahahaha

PS: I hate beta.