Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cute girls, mutant guppy, what to do about Boomer

I sent an email to HART Rescue, to see if they could place Boomer in foster care. We will keep our fingers crossed.
You all have been so supportive and caring about this situation, and I thank you for it. What a sucky place to be in...I love him, but I have to let him go.
Okay, let's move on to less maudlin affairs:
How about some pics of cute blonds rolling down a grassy hill?

Isabelle is someone I am rather proud of. She has a lot of my idiosyncracies, which makes her fun, but she also has this spirited, passionate soul that is all hers. I really didn't want a daughter who was like me (I gave my parents WAY too much grief) but she seems to be growing out of my shadow into a person who will let the world know just how much she matters.

Okay, check this out:
I have a mutant guppy.
Remember my baby guppies? They are growing fast, and I noticed one of the males yesterday had something the other males didn't:

Upper left: The male in question

Lower right: a "normal male"

The top male guppy has an extra fin on his belly, and also a round mass growing in front of the fin that looks like it has a small fish eye in it. Do I have the first documented case of Guppy Siamese Twins? The extra fin has all the finery that is supposed to grow out the back, not the belly, and that eye-thing is freaky.

Sorry for the bad quality of these photos..ever try to get a fish to be still while you are photographing it?

Anyone have any insight into guppy mutations?

I have to get to bed the morning, I will be going on my first "real" guided bird field trip! And I will be blogging the Hell out of it, you can be sure. We will be looking for mainly water birds, and since my life list is currently at 98, there's a lot of room to add more with little effort.

I will be meeting a blogger friend face to face, too!

By the way: It's the Swami's birthday today. Pay him a visit and wish him a good one!

(I found a yak puppet for a birthday present for him...he was moved.)

More tomorrow!


LauraHinNJ said...

Yay - Susan's going on a bird walk! Sounds like fun - guess you'll be looking at ducks.

No ideas on the guppies - gave up on indoor fish years ago. Too hard to watch them get sick and die. I'll be interested to read what others have to say. Bet the Swami will have some interesting theory or another.

Your girls are so cute - was it warm too in Ohio today? Nice here, doesn't feel like November at all.

Mary said...

You are going to have a great time! Go ahead and blog the Hell out of it. I used to keep aquarium fish but never saw something that odd... Keeping fingers crossed for Boomer. Adorable girls, as usual.

NatureWoman said...

Your daughters are so beautiful! I love seeing photos of them.
I'm thinking about you on your guided bird field trip. What fun! And how cool to meet a blogger friend face to face.
A yak puppet - I hope Swami posts a photo - I'm headed over to Yak Central now.

Mommy off the Record said...

I am sorry to hear about your dog/cat issues. I have some of those same problems (though maybe not as severe) with our dog and cat. I hope you find him a good home.

And your daughters are beautiful. Love the pictures!

The Swami said...

When I went in for my annual check up, I asked my veterinarian what he thought was the problem with the guppy. Based upon my description he said that it was probably a mild case of hypothermodystrimilphlangefoot. In other words, aqua-hoof & mouth.

No need to thank me, always glad to help.

Cory said...

We have a guppy that looks just like yours. I think it's a conjoined twin. It doesn't seem to have any problems swimming or eating. Still healthy.
It is kind of funny seeing a tail fin attached to the middle of the guppy.