Friday, November 24, 2006

A few photos from yesterday:

Maybelline: Look at that big puppy belly! If she were older, I would say that she is pregnant. Wouldn't that just be our luck?

She has two light patches on her shoulders, which made me think of the name Angel, but Geoff didn't like that name. I still don't know if she is staying.

I have the curse of giving a damn about any helpless animal I see, and take them home, and have to hear how "crazy" I am for having so many animals. Well, anyone with a soul would not have been able to turn away from this poor, shivering puppy alone in the woods. And now, we have to deal with it.

Boomer update: Rachel, my sorta-might-be sister in law, is involved with a rescue organization who might be able to help us. They screen potential owners and foster the dogs in homes, to see just what the dog needs. Let's hope they can take him and find him a home that suits him. I hate the idea of someone else loving and caring for him, but it is what it is. If I had known he had such an aversion to cats, I never would have adopted him. Why can't the animal shelters evaluate the dogs they adopt out? I know they are stretched to the limit, but wouldn't it be beneficial to the dogs if they aren't placed in a home that they are ill-suited for?

My Mom, Rachel (if they had a canonizing category for saving animals, she would be a saint), and Kevin (Younger-Son-of-Swami)

This orange monster is Butterscotch (or as the Swami calls him, "Quagmire"). Look at his paws: He is like the Hemingway cats. It looks like he is wearing mittens.

I have tried for months to get a good picture (heck, ANY picture) of a kingfisher. Today, I finally did.

Goofy bird...he knew I was there, and stayed high up in a tree on the opposite side of the river from where I was. So I hiked up the shore until I was directly across from him. I didn't see a belly band, so he is a he.

And I finally figured out how to turn on the digital zoom on the camera. This was taken from across a rather wide river, and I think it turned out pretty good, considering.


LauraHinNJ said...

Hope it was a happy day.

Geoff's little brother realy looks like him - same curly hair!

Dave said...

Good to see you got that zoom down.

jemkagily said...

So many things to say about this post! Wow on the kingfisher picture...they are so beautiful and quick that we've never dreamed of getting a picture of one, congratulations! I've met the Hemingway cats! My husband and I were married in Key West and the Hemingway house was one of our favorite places to visit. The cats were fascinating and we were trying to work out a scheme to smuggle one out...Butterscotch is gorgeous. Glad to hear you've found a way to get Boomer re-homed, now I strongly recommend you get that puppy to the vet--I'm afraid that cute big belly might be full of worms. :( Neglected abandoned puppies may well have them.

Mary said...

I thought "worms" also. Hey, great photos again. My zoom is so pathetic... Glad to hear someone might be able to help Boomer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Carry-over lurker here from Julie Z.'s blog. I started reading your blog after you got Boomer. So sorry about needing to find another home! As someone who has volunteered at local DC animal shelters for years I can tell you that I've never seen such a dedicated group of people working to help all the unwanted and abused animals. Unfortunately, the shelters that are run with local or state monies NEVER have enough to pay for all the staff they need, let alone paying them a decent wage. I'm very fortunate to volunteer at one that is privately funded. We do have an animal evaluator that will check out the animals temperment before ever adopting it out. (Heck, my shelter also have a volunteer animal masseuse(Sp?) that comes in once a week to work on the more stressed and/or depressed animals!) You can check them out at On the flip side, they have also gotten some pretty angry folks who have it in their mind they want a certain dog or cat and based on their background and the animal's temperment, the shelter will refuse to adopt the animal to them. It is a tough balancing act. I think it was already suggested but do look for the boston terrier rescue groups on the internet for additional help or advice. Best of luck! I'm also someone who cannot look away at a stray animal. My household of seven (yes, seven) cats can attest to that! I believe it is both a blessing and a curse!
Takoma Park, MD

Susan Gets Native said...

It's been a while since we had a puppy, but I was thinking that a big belly might be a sign of worms. And it's not like she had access to dewormer out in the woods.
Thanks, everyone, for the advice and cheering on!

Anonymous said...

Maybelline is a real cutie! I've been thinking about you and Boomer. You know, I just don't believe kindnes is ever wasted, and even if you can't keep him, you were brought into his life to teach him love and gentleness to get him ready for the next stop in his life. I admire your big heart and every time you open it a little wider you are teaching us all about generosity and love.

Does that cat have extra toes?

The Swami said...

Yes, Quagmire has extra toes; six on the front paws and five on the rear. This is very advantageous. We do not have to put snow shoes on him when he pulls our sleigh through the snow.

NatureWoman said...

Nice photos, as always! Yay on capturing the Kingfisher photo - don't you love zoom!
Such a cute little puppy - ohhh, if she has worms I hope they go away soon.
Swami and Swamette have handsome sons - love that curly hair.
Cats with extra toes - so cool - what a pretty kitty, and Lorelei is so pretty, too!
You won't hear it from me about you helping animals - because I'm the same way. :)

NatureWoman said...

Hey! I see you in the mirror with your *new* camera! Cool!