Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More babies in the haaaaouse!

I don't know if that came through or what...I was trying to sound urban.

Anyway, we have new babies in the fish tank. (You thought I was going to say "Rats", didn't you?)

The guppies we have had for a few months finally propagated. I counted 7 sweet little guppy babies in the tank as I was feeding. They are almost colorless, and about 1 centimeter long. So cute!
I will try to get photos tomorrow, since I took something to help me sleep and I feel blurry.


Endment said...

Love watching new born tropical fish... What kind of guppies?

NatureWoman said...

Actually I was thinking birds at first, but then I thought not in the house - but I never know with you. You're full of surprises! Yeah, you sounded like an urbanite - good job!
Cool - can't wait for the guppy photos!

Egret's Nest said...

Congrats! Baby fish! Cool.

Jess Riley said...

Cool!! Can't wait to see the guppy photos. :)