Thursday, September 07, 2006

Preschool, woods, guppy babies

That faint, gray blur is one of the guppy babies. Trying to photograph tiny, moving fish is way harder than taking pictures of birds!
There was an open house at the girls' preschool today, so that the kids could meet their new teachers and check out the classrooms. I think the girls will be just fine on Monday.
Check it out! Orange mushrooms! They were growing on a fallen log with moss and lots of little critters. I had to wonder if these mushrooms were "shrooms"? I didn't let the girls touch them. That's all I need...two little girls on a psychedelic trip. Can you picture it, the girls giggling in the back seat on the way home, calling me "Dude"?
Lorelei found a stick and waved it during our entire hike. Lorelei, Queen of the Forest!
Along one of the trails, we came across this old rusty plow, sitting just off the trail. It's creepy, to come upon a human-made thing, in the middle of a forest. It reminded me that this land was used by people a long time ago. And I like it because it's cool.


Anonymous said...

I like the plow too. It looks partially burried,like it's growing- or dying! The girls' preschool looks fun. I'll bet you're all excited for Monday!


Avid Reader said...

Lorelei, Queen of the Forest!
Sounds like the title of a great superhero book.
Hmmm,...When is the publication date?

NatureWoman said...

Cool guppy! Those shrooms are awesome looking. I love the moss, too. I enjoy going out looking for shrooms. Neat old plow. It's amazing to think that the forest you're walking in was once a plowed field.

Susan said...

I used to have guppies when I was a kid. They had lots of babies & I remember I had to separate them from the parents so they wouldn't get eaten, but I don't remember any of them actually growing to adulthood. Good luck!