Monday, September 18, 2006

Picking up chicks

I could have begged off, stating that I am tired, but that would be two days in a row of not blogging and that is unexceptable.
I got a call to pick up an injured bird tonight, and this time, when I got there, the bird was still around. The person who called us had put a large box over it. I didn't know what I would find under there, so I peeked and saw a very red tail.
*First year red-tailed hawk*
(At least it wasn't something dumb like a chicken or turkey)

It had visible blood on its chest, and the woman said that the neighbor shoots starlings and cats. Nice. After a few phone calls, I got hold of who to take it to, which turned out to be Marc and Cindy. They live pretty close to me, and that's a good thing because my round trip tonight was 76 miles. Ever notice that I don't do things small?
The poor guy was checked out, head to talons...
...and weighed...
...and taken to another volunteer's house (Melinda and Irv...that's Melinda holding it)
There was no wound under the blood, but the bird had plenty of it in its mouth and raspy breathing, so it's not clear exactly what happened. I will be sure to give updates when I hear anything.
Now to yesterday and the reason I didn't blog:
My lovely mother, my niece and I went to Cirque Du Soleil. and may I say
It's hard to describe a show like this, so all I will say now is that some people are made of rubber. I was impressed and awed and humbled by these performers. And they are on a tour of North America, so if they come anywhere near you, sell plasma or hock some jewelry, because it's worth it.


Rachel said...

Cirque was awesome! Before we went, I didn't know that the music was also performed live and I thought it really added to the whole experience. Makes you want to work out or buy a trampoline or something!

Susan Gets Native said...

That's exactly right! A trampoline!
It took me a few minutes to realize that the music was live. What a cool show!

Dave said...

Your red tail is a protected species Susan. Did USF&W get involved? It's great that you would drive so far for this beauty to get treatment.

MojoMan said...

It's a big world out there and there are all kinds of people, from those who would shoot a hawk for no good reason to those who would drive 76 miles to try to save one. I'd much rather be in the company of the latter!

Laura (natural notes) said...

Good job on the hawk. Please do let us know how this turns out.

NatureWoman said...

I can't imagine someone being cruel to birds just for the heck of it - it's so sad. I'm glad there's people like you and Melinda and Irv to help the birds.
Ohhhh, Cirque Du Soleil - those people are amazing! It's hard to believe the human body can actually do the things they do!
P.S. You were missed the past couple of days!

The Swami said...

Don't any of you gullible people realize the trickery used by Cirque Du Soleil to perform as they do?

As a quackified, er..qualified medical practitioner, the Swami is aware that after joining the Cirque Du Soleil, performers that need to be limber are de-boned.

Simple huh?

LauraHinNJ said...

Gosh I wonder what happened to it?