Saturday, September 16, 2006

Goin' South

Today was my mom's family Second Annual Family get-together down south
in northern Kentucky.
We usually see each other at Christmas, or if we're lucky, the girls' birthday parties.
I think that my family secretly thinks I am a flake (which was probably true a long time ago) but I am proud of what I do at RAPTOR, and thought that some live entertainment would liven up the shindig. I wanted to show them what I do...the coolest job in the world.
I brought the red screech owl, the great horned owl and dear sweet Lucy.
This is the only shot Geoff was able to get on my close-to-death digital camera (it's going south, too).
I remembered a comment on Birdchick
about cheap digital cameras at drug stores. So I went in to look and found this tiny little camera for $10. It's not one of those disposible ones...I checked them out, and they take film. Um, doesn't that go against the "digital" idea?
I just can't go without a digital camera. The girls do way too many cute things, and I have to blog, so we will see how this tiny camera does. It doesn't zoom, and there is no monitor, but it will work in a pinch.
As I drove over most of the Greater Cincinnati area today, I lost count of how many monarch butterflies I saw. And every time one appeared, I looked at my compass, and they were always going south. It was cool.
Want to see the "birth" of a monarch? Check out this post at Laura's blog. That's one dedicated gal!


NatureWoman said...

So was the family impressed?
Christmas can't come soon enough so Santa will bring you that wonderful new digital camera!

Beth said...

I was impressed. And so was Seth. :) I will email you the shots I got of you with the birds.

Molly Kennedy said...

Im am so happy for you....its nice when you find something you love to do, and to be able to share it with others is amazing!! I wish i could have been there to enjoy, but work was, ounce again, in the way. Thank god we have people like you in the "Fam"!!!

beckperson said...

Sounds like it was a fun time - I hope to catch up with your birds sometime when we're visiting (Thanksgiving?).

It sounds like you're having a great time with your new job - you are indeed lucky to have found your calling (if you'll pardon the expression).

Hugs to all!

LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Glad you're seeing monarchs. I hadn't seen any until today, but it's been raining since Wednesday.

Dave said...

I think I would go nuts without my digital also. I'm kicking around up grading because mine is a few years old and there's much beter out there now. Taking pic's of my kids (young adults) is still fun along with what we do at Bird TLC.

Looks like the family enjoyed you and the birds.

Hasty Brook said...

Rumor has it, I'm getting a new digital camera for my birthday. If I was your program assistant, I would take beautiful pictures of you and your birds! (beg-beg!) Of course, I'm not sure how I would work out the commute...

Susan Gets Native said...

Yep, the family was impressed! (But they don't get out much)
Dave: I keep complaining about my digital in the hopes that Santa drops one down the chimney.
Hasty Brook: Please come be my assistant. I need help! And bring the new camera.