Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Boston baked beans, Boston creme pie, Boston....terrier?

I took Floyd (the stray cat) to a local shelter today. It was time...no one wanted him, and I wasn't about to ask Rachel and Kevin, since they have 8 cats, some of them temporary, some not. While I was at the shelter, I decided to look at the dogs.
I looked at all the dogs, and also peeked in the cat room.
They have so many animals. My heart kept getting lodged up in my throat.
But something made me go back into the dog room.
As I walked down the aisle, I noticed a dog that had not been there a few minutes ago.
*Insert dreamy, lovey music*
Warning: I took these pictures with my camera phone, and I don't know how to enlarge them. But you will get the idea.
It was like a very skinny Chet Baker, staring out through the bars of the cage.
I asked the staff to bring him to a "Get acquainted" room.
I sat down on the floor as he came in, and he proceeded to climb into my lap, put his paws around my neck and placed his chin on my shoulder. Then he sighed.

About that time Geoff called, wondering where I was. I told him what was up, and to his credit, he didn't yell or faint.

How to describe this small package of dog love? He is, as I said above, very skinny. He was a stray, about 2 years old and unaltered (read male genitalia intact) and dirty.

But I didn't really see that. He is sweetness incarnate. Some kids came down the hall with us and this little guy was a mess of wiggles, trying to kiss them. Sigh.

Tomorrow he is going to the vet, and they will check him out for heartworm (he hasn't been at the shelter long enough for them to do that) and see if he has enough weight to neuter him. Then, if we wish, he's ours.

I will delete any comments that state that we are crazy or stupid for maybe having another dog. I am happy and in love. I'm not hearing anything else.


Shannon said...

Aren't you supposed to be keeping up with the Shannon's? If so you need 2 more dogs. Big, hairy, loving dogs. You go girl. I can't wait to meet the newest member of the Williams household. I was however hoping for a human baby boy, but canine boy is good as well.

LauraHinNJ said...

You were supposed to go straight to the bunny room.



Susan Gets Native said...

I know, I know...
but they didn't HAVE a bunny room! they did have an interesting brochure about pet bunnies.
(This was in a rural area, and I bet they don't get many rabbits...people probably just "get rid" of them)

Julie Zickefoose said...

Oh, Susan,

I am weeping. Thank you for loving this little boy. You get your real camera going until it SMOKES and tell us all about Mr. Skinny but Intact. You know Phoebe and I will be checking your blog every 15 minutes. Thank you for being you.

Susan Gets Native said...

God love ya, Julie.
You know, it's your fault that I even gave him the time of day. Or I should say it's Chet's fault. What a prime embassador for his breed.
The camera is working at present, with spanking new batteries, and I will be sure to get better photos of him. You would have cried if you had seen him, Julie. I could count all of his vertebrae and ribs. He's all head.
I can't tell if he is "brindly" like Chet. He was dirty...mud on his back and he feet were discolored. I hope he likes baths.

Susan Gets Native said...

Donde esat los yaques?
The yak is at the shelter tonight, and will be driven to the vet for the chop-chop tomorrow.

Overheard conversation.... said...

Oh Great Swami,
If a yak should stray from my herd, do you think that young Susan would adopt it too?

Yes, Yak-Herder. Please, please keep a watchful eye on the herd. I fear that Susan was startled by an ark as a child, and now seeks to adopt at least one of every animal!

Thank you swami; Errrgh. I must lie down. I believe that I shall the vapors.....

Overheard again.... said...

Oh no, while we were talking she was posting!!

"Donde esat los yaques?"
Say what?!

Where are the yaks sitting?

Don't eat the yak?

Don deigo es at los lobos?!?

Oh, Swami, someone is losing their mind. Please tell me that I have only misplaced it.

Oh wacky Yak-Herder it is waaay past your bedtime. Go to bed and be very quiet, for a mime is a terrible thing to waste.

jemkagily said...

God bless you Susan, there was a Boston at my local shelter 2 weeks ago but I didn't get there fast enough. (She went home with Very Nice People very quickly.) I hope he got a clean bill of health at the vet and that your rats are up on high shelves when he comes home. Doing Napoleon Dynamite voice now--*Lucky!*
What are you going to call him?

NatureWoman said...

Julie's blog has that effect on me, too, after seeing how cute Chet Baker is!! I'm glad you found a version of Chet Baker - yay!! Enjoy and please keep us updated with photos and stories after you get him (I know you will)!

Anonymous said...

I think you are not thinking clearly.

Doctored Phil said...

To the previous caller: I believe you may be correct. Foggy thinking can often be caused if one is living in the vicinity of multiple cats and rats.

Early symptoms can be as innocuous a having a fish or two (unless, of course, it is one of Mrs. Pauls). This is a long, slippery slope leading, in the most severe cases, to harboring a herd of yaks.

The fish owner will often proceed to cats, rats and dogs, while a rabbit owner is likely to proceed to woodchucks and weasels.

These are of course only my esteemed opinions backed by several minutes of intense internet research. I will forward my bill shortly.

Susan Gets Native said...

Let me explain "Donde esta los yaques"...Julie left a comment that said that, and it didn't show up. And it was just too funny...now my FIL has others interested in yaks.

Janeyms said...

Dear Susan,
As a breeder of Boston Terriers I am often "verklempt" as Julie so aptly puts it that a BT would show up in a shelter. Mine are sold with the understanding that they come back to me if lifestyle changes warrent it. Needless to say you have made my day by giving this poor little guy a good home. A word to the wise though...if you do have rodents be aware that my four BT's have taken downspouts OFF my house and the neighbors trying to get chipmunks!
An uprooted buckeye,

birdchick said...

Dude, forget the Bostons! Bunnies are where it's at!

Chet Baker said...

Ah agree thet bennehs is where it is at. Ah chased a benneh jest today. And when Ah got to where he was at, he warn't thar!

Yew gotta treat in store once yew git that doggie warshed up. Ah hope he's as nice as me.

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks, everyone!
Blogger is being wanky, but I am trying to get pictures up.