Friday, September 22, 2006

Just to give you something to read

Blogger is yet again being cranky. I have some cute pictures of Mr. Boomer, and stories to tell.
I will be at my Mom's today, so hopefully by this evening I will be able to upload photos.
There's a lot to post about:
Sun dogs
and Boomer


Clueless said...

And are you going to have anything to post about Boomer?

Boris said...

Will you be posting anything about your new dog?
Our teachers always taught us that the only dogs in the U.S. were imperialist running dogs.

A faithful reader.

in Bulgaria

NatureWoman said...

Stupid stupid blogger - grrrr - it also doesn't let me post comments sometimes. If you want to switch to wordpress you can import all of your old posts!

Department of blog supervision said...

I really didn't want it to come to this: Unless Susan posts info very soon about her new pack-animal, er.... dog, I believe that we may have no choice but to organize a demonstration to get her to post. All right fans, it is time for some of you to volunteer to organize the demonstration. I'll check back after a brief nap to make sure you have done your work.

LauraHinNJ said...

Pictures please!

May I add that you are taking entirely too much time off lately!


NatureWoman said...

Tap tap tap
Yup that's my foot tapping, waiting impatiently!