Friday, September 22, 2006

Boomer meets Grandma and Bailey, Swallowtail caterpillar

Today we took Boomer to meet his new Grandma (my Mom). As you can tell, she just can't stand him.

Lorelei hates him too.


Bailey and Boomer make a cute on black.

When food is present, Boomer has this adorable way of blowing drool bubbles.

Look how scrawny he is. But I bought some yummy fattening treats and some bacon-flavored gravy to pour on his food. He approves. And today, he got a bath and he is a little shinier, a little smoother.

I took him to the RAPTOR board meeting with me, 1. To show him off and 2. to show him off.

And he fell asleep in Lorelei's car seat on the way home.

This must be how he survived on his own. Aside from blowing drool bubbles when food is around, he also hits the floor and has this endearing way of looking pitiful. Who wouldn't feed that?

Non-Boomer segue:

I found a great caterpillar in the dill yesterday and showed it to Isabelle when she got home from school. She was so enchanted, I got choked up. My girl is full of such wonder, and gentleness. To use an Isabelle-ism, "I do so love her!"

A cool thing about having a new dog is all the time I spend outside at night, waiting for Boomer to bless every tree. I got to hear our resident Barred Owl, and that plaintive, lonely sound makes me happy.

Last night, driving to a program, I saw a sun dog. I didn't get a pic, since I was going about 70 mph, but if you want to see a well-done pic of a sun dog, go to Bill's blog.

And by the way, I rocked yet again last night, presenting to a group of 50 Cub Scouts and their parents. To use a phrase of Birdchick's:



NatureWoman said...

Oh, I love your daughter's face looking at the caterpillar. You're a great Mom!
Ohhhhhh, Boomer Boomer Boomer, thank you for sharing so many pictures of him. He's so handsome after his bath :) How do you let him out of your arms long enough to take photos? I would have to hug that boy all day long!

The Wacko Swami of the West said...

Oh no, I think I got wet from the drool......I'm m-e-e-e-l-l-ting.

I reluctantly admit he's a cutie.......But NOTHING comes near the cuteness of Isabelle and Lorelei!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Great pic of Isabelle and that cat! They are such pretty caterpillars, but I think their chrysalises look like bird poop.


I've been checking my fennel, but haven't found any this year.

Boomer is entirely too cute! How crazy is he making your house?

Michelle said...

Oh Susan,

Boomer is just beautiful and I can tell from your posts he must be one special doggie! Congrats on the new addition to the family! May he bring you many many years of happiness and love.

Going to the shelter breaks my heart too.... As long as I live I will never understand how some people view animals as disposable.

Shannon said...

Susan what does Queen and the other cats have to say about Boomer?

Susan Gets Native said...

I thought that if I didn't put up any new pics of Boomer, there would be a Blogger revolt!

Shan: the cats are not thrilled. Boomer has a pretty strong prey drive still...the cats are being kept seperate from him right now because he has gone after a few of them. I hope that when he is fattened up and the last of the testosterone drains from his shriveled scrotum, he will chill out on the cats.

birdchick said...

Go, Susan, keep teaching those kids!

FYI - Cinnamon disapproves of a pet that blows bubbles with his own drool.

jemkagily said...

Boomer's so cute, I can see why your family is taking against him. I'm baking dog cookies today for CB because of his yellow jacket lumpen misshapen patheticness, would Boomer like some?
Gorgeous swallowtail cat! We didn't get any this year, the parsley was a flop (I think the nursery had mismarked chervil). Are you going to raise it inside or put it back in the garden?

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks for the cookie offer! Send them over!
I did research on the caterpillar because I was worried that it was so late in the year. Turns out eastern black? swallowtails overwinter in their cocoons! I think I will clip the dill he makes his cocoon on and put it in a corner of our property so he is protected from the worst of the winter.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo of your Isabelle- I can see the wonder in her face. Gave me some goosebumps!

jemkagily said...

They are *supposed* to overwinter in their chrysalids but I had one emerge late in the fall last year, surprising me. Keep an eye on the chrysalis! Didn't get to the cookies today but I'm hoping to do 'em tomorrow--I'll email you for your address.
:) Wendi

Susan Gets Native said...

Wendi: Thanks for the heads-up. I will watch closely.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Love it all. Boom is just adorable. I would definitely chew his cheeks. And Isabelle's too. My kids are all aflutter over Frederick, a tiny wooly bear that they're raising. Phoebe went out and found him dandelion leaves and he's chowing down!
Ooh, Wendi, Baker is eagerly awaiting his cookies!
O wonderful SwamiYakGrandpa, gotta cut SGN some slack here. Boomer's the brand new love. She's going to be taking a whole lotta pictures of him and we're all going to be eating it up. My hidden agenda: to turn all birding blogs into shameless Boston terrier photo salons. Mwoo ha ha ha ha haaaaa.

Phoebe said... said...

Oh, by the way, ^ She chews on Baker's jowls all the time

and so do I.