Saturday, September 23, 2006

Warning: Cute dog and bird faces

Boomer can now march proudly forth as an "owned" dog: We got him a spanking new blue collar and a nifty tag.

This dog is totally as ease in our house. He is practicing how to best hold down our couch.
"Please, Mom? Treat? Treeeeeeet???"

Boomer looks like a puppy here. Couldn't you just chew on his jowls?

Since I consider this a birding blog, I thought I would add a picture of Lucy from a four-hour program at the Cincinnati Nature Center today.

Marc brought the birds for us, which makes it nice for me.
He brought:
Isis (leucisitic red-tailed hawk)
Lucy (Peregrine Falcon)
Sylvester (Great Horned Owl)
Hudy (red eastern screech owl)
Steel (Male American Kestrel)
5 birds...whew!


Grandpa said...

It is difficult to tell just what size Boomer is. Hmmmm. It would be very helpful to have a 2 & 4 year-old in the photos with Boomer (just for scale, of course)

LauraHinNJ said...

Grandpa is so funny. I prefer him to that other guy that comments here all the time.

Nice doggy pics - doesn't Boomer look like he's made himself at home already!

Lucy's cool too.

Michelle said...

Sweet Boomer!

Susan, my couch has not gone missing once since we have had dogs :)))

Anonymous said...

I like Boomer's cheeks, nice and shiney, begging for a smooch!

A four hour program- WOW!! I admire your committment to RAPTOR.

-llm. said...

He is utterly adorable! I'm looking forward to see a picture of him where you can just see his ribs but not is vertebrae! Nothing sadder than an underfed dogger.