Friday, August 11, 2006


It was Nature Girl day as Isabelle, Lorelei and I went to Sharon Woods
and visited the Nature Center and of course the gift shop. Since it rained most of the day, we also went to the indoor playground they have. It's pretty cool, if you're a kid. It's two stories tall with a ball pit and ladders and slides and poles to go down...and very little seating for the parents.

My girls are so fashion-conscious...we always have to try on hats.

Our grass has reached an embarassing height. We plead the heat and humidity. I found this grass growing in the corner and I love it. Anyone know what it is? See how cool your yard can be if you do it like we do...make judicious laziness work for you!

I have so many varieties of sunflowers popping up. I like this one because the flowers are in various stages of opening and the birds will have stuff to eat other than what's in the feeders.

The cosmos have run amok. And a new light pink one has opened. What fun flowers!

And hey....if Birdchick can blog about something like this, I can do the same:

As I was taking photos, something made my leg itch, and I absentmindedly reached down and scratched it. And this is what I saw on my hand:

What the Hell ?

And this is what my leg was doing. I rounded up the girls (as Isabelle kept yelling "What IS THAT? What IS THAT? DON'T TAKE A PICTURE OF IT!!!") and went in and washed up. The wound was so tiny, but a very alarming amount of blood was coming out. Ewww.

And I have no idea how it happened.



Dr. Otto Bon said...

Once I recovered consciousness after seeing the blood, my first thought was to see if you needed a blood donor.

Once I looked more closely at the injury I realised immediately that the puncture wound bore the classic marks of an attack by an Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Too bad you didn't see it and get a photo!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Love the kids yelling at you to NOT take a picture! Guess they think you're a little blog-obsessed!

Gosh - I wonder what bit you?

I think your grass is actually a sedge (it should have triangular stems if I'm right -*sedges have edges*) called nut sedge or nut grass; it grows in moist spots around my pond where the grass isn't mowed enough. It can be hard to remove, so be sure you like it before you let it spread too far!

The sunflowers are huge! So pretty, as are the cosmos - and the little girls with hats!

Susan Gets Native said...

Laura: I was covered in bug repellent and it seems to make the creepy crawlies MORE hungry. It looks like I have leprosy on my legs and arms.

Dr. Otto Bon: I know...those Ivory-billed woodpeckers are rascals.

Shannon said...

Susan that is just gross!! A little warning next time please!!!