Friday, July 07, 2006

Too tired to blog (well, obviously I can pull something together)

I am so tired, I am almost cross-eyed. I've been finishing up the work I promised to RAPTOR for the fundraiser on Sunday, so I can show it to them tomorrow when I go in for bird handling training.
But here's a few cute-little-girl highlights from today:

To keep the girls happy in the car, I gave them lollipops. Lorelei tucked into hers, but before devouring hers, Isabelle quips, "My lollipop tastes like ca-ca." After regaining control of the car, I told her that wasn't a nice thing to say, and to put it in terms she would understand I said that it was a word for "poop". When I asked her where she had heard that, she wouldn't snitch on whoever it was. I have my suspicions. It wasn't me, I swear.

Isabelle threw me a curve ball when she asked, "Mommy, does everything have a name?" At first, that doesn't sound like a hard question to answer, but Isabelle doesn't take a "yes" or "no" as an answer when she asks stuff like that. I don't remember what I said verbatim, but it really got ME thinking...everything does have a name, doesn't it? And if we don't know the name of it, we say it's a "thingy" or something like that. Long after she had forgotten the question, I was still thinking about it.


Geoff Williams said...

As for where she got ca-ca, I'd just like to say that it wasn't from me either. So I hope you can take me off your list of suspects, if you're compiling one.

Uncle Kevin said...

Myself and Rachel both plead innocent to ca-ca.