Thursday, July 06, 2006

Misc. Thursday

Geoff called me as I was driving home from meeting with Cindy from RAPTOR, and said excitedly, "Do you have the camera with you? I can't find it. There's a really weird bug in the back yard!" I told him to put a cup over it and I would be home in a few minutes. It was a cicada, one of the annual or "dog-day" cicadas, not a 17 year cicada. Thank goodness.

As I was leaving tonight for the meeting, the whole family was outside to wave goodbye. It was a little ridiculous, but sweet none the less. It was like I was about to hike over the Himalayas, instead of drive 6 miles.

Bluebird chicks, 4 days old. It's mindblowing how fast they grow. Three days ago, they were little down-covered marbles. Now they're ginormous.

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LauraHinNJ said...

Neat pics - like the one of eveybody waving goodbye.

Cicadas are pretty creepy bugs - such big eyes!