Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rats, guppies and yuppies

I haven't been able to get any great photos of birds lately. No field trips or serendipitous meetings in the yard. So we have rats, guppies and yuppies.

The rat twins, Laverne and Shirley, love to hang out (literally) on the top perch with Penny.

The fish tank was so empty looking, we went and got some guppies. 2 males and 3 more females. Maybe we can finally get some babies.

This car was in front of me as we zipped along Montgomery Rd. (For those outside the Cincinnati area, Montgomery is one of the uppity places to live)

I couldn't believe this license plate on this car. If it had been on a Pinto, it would have been funny and I would have appreciated the humor of it. But "AWFUL" on a Lexus?

"Oh, yeah, dude. It sucks to be you."


The Swami said...

AWFUL may be what his life is like. Proving yet again that money does not equate to happiness.

Swami would give you many examples from Hollywood, but must return to mountain top to preserve sanity.

Juliabohemian said...

perhaps it is an inside joke or he is talking about what kind of person he is.

Orlando Bun said...

I love the foot resting on the wheel.