Thursday, July 27, 2006

"These shoes are made for birding, and that's just what they'll do..."

No matter how much I love Keen shoes, I can't justify paying close to $100 for any shoe.
So when I found these knock-offs at Payless for $20, I did a little dance.
They're comfortable, don't hurt my heel, have tread...I love 'em.
***I would, of course, accept any Keen's that were a gift***


Geoff said...

Re: the shoes, gift comment, probably aimed at her in-laws. That's my wife... shameless :-)

Lynne said...

I got an awesome deal ($49) on my Keens- still alot of money. I've been told they make my feet look like duck feet, but I like them. Yours look great- nice color!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks! I love them, and if I squint, I can pretend they're Keens.
$49 !!!! Man, I need to check out some sales. I didn't know they could be that inexpensive. But I still cringe a little at $49 for shoes...I'm cheap.

LauraHinNJ said...

Good shoes are worth it!

The ladies I work with all wear fancy, pretty high heels. Girly shoes.

Not me. My favorites are my Bucs and my Keens.

Really I prefer to be barefoot, but can't go to work that way.

Nice color, by the way.

NatureWoman said...

Ohh, very nice and great deal! Good to know they don't hurt your feet! I hope you enjoy them!

El Cheapo said...

That's Right, Folks: Now you can have the comfort of bare feet AND the style of your favorite shoes. All for less than a Dr. Scholl's bunion pad! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the shoe store and find your favorite shoes or sandals (price is no object).
2. Photograph the shoes
3. Print the photo on iron-on decal paper.
4. Iron your new shoes onto your bare feet. (Don't your feet already feel better once you stop ironing?)
Voila. Take that Keen and Manolo!!

Juliabohemian said...

Lands End has a really good water proof walking shoe for only like $29. My husband likes to wear them because his feet sweat and these shoes breathe really well.