Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miss me?

The mice have kept me from blogging again. Little yucky things...Yes, I can handle (and love) a rat playing hide and seek in my hair, but the thought of mice scurrying around me makes me queasy. Speaking of rats, we had a short bit of excitement tonight as I was cleaning the basement: Trixie, our goofiest cat, knocked the rat cage over. As I was picking it up and gathering the rats, one of the babies got away from me. With Geoff's help, it took about 3 minutes to get her back, but I was about to freak, thinking that one of my babies may not come back. All is well, but my blood pressure can't take that kind of thrill.

From yesterday: Bluebird baby and my baby
The dill is blooming and starting to smell really good
Look what the raccoons did to my paving stones! This really wasn't necessary, guys.
I love to show the girls any animal in the yard, be it a chick, raccoon, chipmunk, snake...the wonderment on their faces makes me feel like I am doing some good. They can not help but grow up animal lovers, living in this house.


LauraHinNJ said...

We did miss you, actually!

Congrats again on the hatchling bluebirds - glad to see the kids getting some *hand-on* nature experience. You're right - they can't help but grow up tree-huggers!

Susan Gets Native said...

Thanks,'s nice to know that my absence on the Planet Blogger was noticed.
I'm so awed by the capacity that kids have to love and appreciate nature, if they are shown. I may not be the Mother of the Year sometimes, but my kids are getting some "real world" experience. :-)

Help Central said...

In our never-ending quest to help solve the World's problems, we here at Help Central can offer you a Two-fer. We can suggest a way to rid your yard of raccoons....and get a warm winter hat!!

LauraHinNJ said...

Are you checking that dill for butterfly eggs? Swallowtails use it, I think - plus bunnies love it!


Juliabohemian said...

raccoons are vindictive.

I love dill.