Thursday, April 27, 2006

Birding with Belle!

I'm fishin'!

Mom's wisteria is such a show-off

The pond...well, it's kinda like a swamp right now

Smallest baby HOSP

Largest baby HOSP

I dropped Isabelle off at Mom's today for a sleepover. Today was so gorgeous...a bit cool, but hey, it's not like it snowed! I took Belle down to the pond in the field to look at the house sparrow babies (yep, they're still there) and to poke around the water.

I actually got a chance to bird, because Isabelle was enjoying the quiet.

She said, and I quote, "Wow,'s so peaceful." How old is this child???!!!

But I didn't see any birds that caused any hysteria. Mourning Doves, grackles, house finches.

But that's okay...because Belle LET ME BIRD.


The Staff at Google said...

After reading your post, which was flagged by our proprietary Cuteness Search Tool, our staff of thousands did a complete search of the internet. We have concluded that Isabelle is the cutest, sweetest and smartest four-year-old in the known universe. But, of course, that is only in our professional opinion.

Shannon said...

Can some of your Mom's Wisteria find it's way 3 miles up the road to my house please??