Friday, April 28, 2006

Memories of Dad

Today, I was yet again tilling the yard, in the corners and miscellaneous spots in preparation of all my native plantings.
Lorelei and I came in for a drink of water, and I suddenly could smell my Dad. Weird as it sounds. I was so forcibly reminded of him, it froze me.
I remembered how he would come in from the garden for a drink, and he would have the scents of gasoline, grass and hard work. It was so part of him, that smelling that smell today brought tears to my eyes.
I picked Lorelei up and sat her on the counter. Desperately needing a hug, I held her close, and thank goodness she was in the mood to be hugged. It was then that I realized that I smelled of gasoline, grass and hard work.
It got me thinking; how much of Dad and his self is living on in me? God knows he tried to drop some wisdom on me...but how much stuck?
To be like my Dad is to be honest, hard-working, wise...not a bad thing, to be like Dad.
I hope I can say it, someday.


Jim said...

You are well on your way.

Clare said...

Very nice memory. Smell is apparently the strongest trigger of memory that there is.

Nancy said...

I've been there....I know what you mean!

Shannon said...

Smelling your Dad isn't weird. He wants you to know that he is there. I know that he is very proud of you especially when he sees you till the yard and tend to the girls. Give yourself some credit. You are more like your Dad than you think. You are hardworking, honest, very wise, and a overall beautiful person. Love you lots!!

MojoMan said...

Your story made my eyes well up. I have an old hammer my dad left behind. Rather than store it away somewhere, I keep it in my truck and use it often. Every time I pick it up, I say "Thanks, Dad!".

Thanks for checking out my blog. It's fun to get a reader and comments. You are one of my very first.