Sunday, March 19, 2006

Since my wonderful in-laws offered to take the girls off our hands today to let Geoff work on the book and so I could accomplish something, I decided to go get a wheelbarrow.

Of course, it came disassembled, so I had to put it together and Nellie, Trixie and Buddha helped out. Queen and Pandora were interested, but they are just too old and crotchety to pitch in. Pandora is 8, and I can't believe Queen is 10. I wonder how long she would have made it if we hadn't found each other.
(For those of you who don't know my critters, Trixie is the tabby and white, and Buddha is the gray...I have stories of each pet on a post from the early days of this blog...October, maybe?)

I wanted to get outside today. I got some great advice that if you want to kill off a large patch of grass for a garden or flower bed, put down newspaper and cover it with mulch now, so when it's time to plant, the grass underneath will die and the newspaper and mulch will compost down. Sounds alot easier than removing sod.

But, alas, I found reasons to go down and sing to the parakeets. They are settling in and singing back to me. The boy will sit on my hand, but the girl's still skittish. Penny is very interested in the interlopers living in HER cage.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to haul away all of the cats, or just these two --- and a rat?!

Susan Gets Native said...

Anonymous? Who are we kidding?

A Member of the Witness Protection Program said...

Hey, with a comment like that, it seemed wise to remain incognito,...or in absentia; probably best of all would have been incommunicado!