Saturday, March 18, 2006

A nifty thing I totally stole from Laura's blog.

This little thingy ( scans your blog for "keywords" and formats them into this block. Interesting to see what words I use...that's funny, I don't
remember using the word "Bird"...

I LOVE add-ons...if anyone knows of any good sites for free blog add-ons, let me know.
And I am re-opening the Great-Name-Another-Williams-Pet Naming Contest.
Since we have a girl bird named Lollipop, we need a boy name to go with that.
Send in your answers...and no "Sucker" or "Popsicle".
The winner gets to come over and bird/cat/dog/fish/snail/rat sit while we are in Port Clinton!
Har, har.

1 comment:

LauraHinNJ said...

Susan - I stole it from someone else! And played around with it a bit, changed the font and color and edited the words some. Fun, no?

I actually think Popsicle is kinda cute. How about Creamsicle if he's the yellow one? Or Sprinkles? Bon Bon? Jujube? Starburst? Lemonade?

OK, out of ideas (and I don't want to win!)