Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Spring First!

Someday I will get used to having birds in the house. I'm sitting about three feet from the cage, and I have quiet Classical on, and Lollipop suddenly let out a string of TWEETS!!!! and I just about wet my pants.
Penny looked quite startled herself.

In honor of "Spring 1st" I am sharing pics of the soon-to-be butterflies. Four are hanging on the side of the habitat, one is on the floor. (He or she is fine...when I picked it up to put in the habitat, it wiggled furiously. That's a mechanism against predation)

The two in the middle are very close to opening. The darker the cocoon, the closer they are. Though it's hard to see in the photo (why doesn't my camera take good close shots?) their wings are visible through the cocoon wall. It's so fasinating to see this happening. And the girls are very interested, too, though I think they forgot about them in the past few days, while the cocoons were sitting in the cup on the mantle. This morning, before school, we put them in the habitat, and Lorelei pointed and said, "Ugs!" Translation: Bugs!

Coming soon...butterfly pics!

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