Monday, August 09, 2010

Neat things I saw this weekend

Saturday found me at the second annual Midwest Native Plant Conference in Beavercreek Ohio.  I displayed some of our education birds for the participants to ooh and ahh over.

I was so happy to run into Wil Hershberger...New River Bird and Nature Festival-goers know him well.  He's the nice one.  :)

My table was across the room from his, so I was sneakily shooting photos of him:
Wil doesn't see
Hee hee, he doesn't see me....

Oops, now he sees me!
Wil sees

Oh, what a nice person.  And I mean a genuinely nice person. 
Before he left, I asked someone to take a photo of Wil, me and one of the birds.  I shouldn't have chosen Storm.

Wil me and Storm
Storm doesn't know what it means when I say, "Hey, goofy bird.  Look at the camera!"

Other things I saw this weekend:
Question mark butterfly noodling in the mud

Electric blue dragonfly on a sauerkraut jar (that doubled as a minnow container)

Clausens dragonfly

green heron
The closest I've been to a green heron, without it pooping violently and flying away

And in the classic tradition of the yearly summer "Screech Owl Ugly Molt"....long time readers of this blog will remember Rufous, bless his little soul:
Okay...what can you say about this one

Well, Thirteen might just have him beat....

Thirteen ugly molt 1


Murr Brewster said...

I would really love to see a green heron, pooping or otherwise. And I never told you, but the strongest feeling of envy I've had in years was when I saw a woman displaying an owl on her arm. I was envious of the woman, not the owl, so much.

Susannah (Wanderin' Weeta) said...

I remember Rufus! And now Thirteen! So cute!

Dave said...

Those last two photos are priceless!

Nicole said...

The shots of Rufous made me laugh! He looks so dreadfully inelegant!

dguzman said...

Oh dear, that is some seriously bad molting. Thirteen thoroughly hates you now for taking that photo, and Rufus isn't feeling so good about you either!

When we're in Cape May, I'll remember the fact that you cause Green Herons to poop violently... and stand far away from you.