Monday, August 02, 2010

A list of words from The Flock

I've been doing some poking around in the house lately and today I came across a sheet of paper I thought I had lost.  It's three lists from my glorious friends, The Flock.

It's divided into three sections:
"What Susan was called this week"
"Things we called Debbie"
"Flock Dictionary"

These lists were written on the back of a note from Geoff Heeter, welcoming us to the 2010 New River Bird and Nature Festival and telling everyone else that I ate all the cookies.

Note:  Sure, the festival was months ago and I'm still blogging about it.  But very little fun excitement is going on in my life right now, so just deal with it.  :)

gh note
In case you can't read his chicken scratch:
"The Flock- Hello and Welcome!
The glasses and key chain lights are for you.
Susan ate your cookies.
Enjoy the chips and salsa!

I did not eat all the cookies.

On the flip side of this note is a mish-mash of drunken scribbling.

flock dictionary

Let's break it down:
The left side is a list of things that I was called over the course of the week (If anyone remembers any especially fun side stories about these, please SHARE THEM):

Bitchy (As in Vickie saying to me the first day, "We need to get you some food.  You're kinda bitchy."
Liar  (??)
Pop 'N' Fresh  (Was this a boob thing?)
Puff 'N' Stuff  (Was this also a boob thing?)
Pillsbury Doughboy  (Because of the way I laugh)
Nasty  (I assume I was hungry)
Grumpy (Ditto)
Smart ass  (Well, what did you expect?)
Sweet  (The Petersons wrote this!)
Considerate  (This too!)
Randy  (???)
Buzzmeister/Buzzamatrix  (Julie called me that....because I broadcast to the world about this festival)
Testes  (Um....)
Profanity Barbie  (snort)

The right side of the paper lists all the different Barbies we could turn Debbie into:

Adventure Barbie  (She's ready for adventure, any time and any place!)
Helpful Barbie  (Self-explanatory)
Clumsy Barbie  (Girlfriend falls.  A LOT)
Guest Service Barbie  (Same as "Helpful Barbie")
Pirate Barbie  (She stood up on a road rail at Cranberry Bog and scared the shit out of me, and then posed like a pirate.  Argggh.)
GRAVITY Barbie  (Just like "Clumsy Barbie".  She took a spill on one of the trips that will assuredly be talked about for years to come.)
Defroster Barbie  (One of the mornings, there was frost on our car windows.  Sweet Debbie scraped ALL of them.)
S & M Barbie  (I don't know.  And I don't want to hear about it.)

The bottom list really got me cackling, because there are a few that I just don't remember writing down, even though it's in my handwriting.  My drunken handwriting...maybe that explains it.
The Flock Dictionary:

Disco w/ monkeys
Blow in a circle

Now, "Spraint" I remember.  I may have to let the other Flock members refresh my memory about the rest of those.  "Disco w/monkeys"?????  "Blow in a circle"?????????


Murr Brewster said...

Oh nuts, "spraint" was the only one I could help with! Also, Gravity Debbie took more than one spill. It must be the dainty feet. Also, I think she might have conked her head, because no matter WHAT, she was smiling. That ain't right.

At least you had two boob things. If we had to go there with me, I'd be Gravity Murr.

littleorangeguy said...

Well, of course, peeliated is Tennesee talk for pileated. Which as we know, is properly pronounced PIE-leated. Disco w/monkeys had something to do with my partner. God, I can still still Mary's face as she walked in on that.

Nature ID said...

Hmm. This is so out of left field that I'm intrigued to know how this came about. Did you attend some kind of group thing? Or are you affiliated with OCR?

Susan Gets Native said...

Nature ID: If you would read the post, you would see that we attended a birding festival?

Nature ID said...
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Susan Gets Native said...

What a ringing endorsement for my blog. Hmmmm.

dguzman said...


I do like the Flock dictionary. Perhaps we'll come up with some definitions in Cape May. Meanwhile, I'll just call you Profanity Barbie all the time now.