Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Just good people

I like people. Most of 'em, anyway.

There have been plenty of situations in my life, when I lay eyes on someone, and just know that we are going to work out just fine.
(This never really worked with any of my past boyfriends. Lust is blind, I guess.)

Most of my relationships of late (five years, since my blog reared its ugly head) have begun in cyberspace and then bloomed into an all-encompassing bouquet of friends that honestly, I don't know what I would do without. It's a rare thing to meet people the old-fashioned way.

Thank goodness I still know how to do it.

This Spring, at the New River Birding and Nature Festival I got to meet and spend time with a couple that I didn't actually know through this tiny computer monitor. Imagine.

Meet Larry and Diana:

This is exactly where I met them, while Diana was holding a just-banded titmouse and said titmouse was biting the hell out of her finger.

I set my camera to "Burst" mode and got a series of the titmouse bursting from Diana's hand. The best one, however, was the one that shows the titmouse flying right in front of Larry's face:
Larry and thte titmouse
I laughed out loud when I previewed the photos, and went over to Larry and Diana to show the best one.
Just look how happy Larry is

This was the first birding festival they had attended, and I assured them that they picked THE BEST ONE to start with.

Over the course of the week, I got to know them better and it was interesting how many things we had in common:
They live in my home state (Indiana), Larry is a Mason (so were most of the men in my family), they are both in Eastern Star (like my mother), and Larry's been known to hunt a deer or two
(I was raised on venison!).
And they're just good people.
It was like being with family members.
(I'm trying to put together a video of some of the participants' Life Bird dances, and there's a super cute one of Larry after he got...ummm...a Cerulean I think?)

I sort of adopted them, and as the festival ended, we exchanged email addresses and heartfelt wishes that we will see each other again next year.
I hope they return...we have more Life Bird Wiggles to do!


Nature ID said...

Great post, Susan! I hear you in the whole connecting with people the ol' fashioned way.

Mel said...

It's always great to meet nice people. I hope I'll manage to go to one of those festivals sometime, and meet all my blog-world friends :)

Dave said...

That's a cool post!

Susan Gets Native said...

They were such neat people.
Larry reminded me so strongly of my Dad, I had a hard time keeping my voice steady when we talked.