Friday, June 04, 2010

My Jersey Girl

I began this blog way back in 2005, and I don't even remember the reasons.
For the longest time, only a few family members and a friend or two would read it and comment.

I was pleasantly surprised when, in February 2006, a STRANGER left a comment! Just out of the blue!
She had a blog too. I went to her blog, started reading her stuff, and also clicking through to other blogs on her blog roll. And away we went. From that initial interaction of two blog owners, came the beginning of the Flock.
(Thanks to Laura and her urging to come to Cape May's Autumn Weekend, we began to migrate together as a pack.)

Since tomorrow is the anniversary of her arrival on the planet, (The Birthday-That-Must-Not-Be-Named!) I decided to make a list.

Laura, this one's for you!

A List of Laura:
Her confidence (seriously, just watch her walk across a room to see what I mean).
Making me laugh so hard and so long I wonder if I will die from it.

Generosity of soul.
Thinking that she secretly likes my weird choices of nail polish.
The fact that she is never on time for anything.

Her poet's heart.
The squeak of that porch swing.

(Photo by Steve Mattan)

When she rolls her eyes at my nonsense but sticks around to hear more.
Her camera in one hand and a beer dangling in the other.

A facade that seems reserved, but will crumble into silly fun at any time.
Erasing the stereotype I had in my head of "Jersey Girls".

That soft focus she rings her photos with.

The secrets we whisper.
The trust we forge with those whispers.

Knowing each other long enough to have a repertoire of stories.

Feeling so blessed to have her as my friend.

Happy birthday, Jersey! Love you!

(Photo by Steve Mattan)


KGMom said...

Oh good--I get to be first in line.
Yes, happy birthday to Laura (though I will go over to her blog & leave the same wishes).
She was one of the first to stop by my blog--I had written about traveling to Spain, which must have caught her eye.
While I am not one of the flock, I do enjoy the reports of various "antics" and maybe someday will meet you all.
Great great list.

Susan Gets Native said...

We will get you there someday, Donna!

Mary Ann said...

what a lovely tribute...

Susan Gets Native said...

We are opposite sides of the same coin (her words, not mine...I wouldn't have been able to describe it like she does).

Dave said...

Nice! And Susan is replying to post too!

Susan Gets Native said...

Okay, smart ass.

amarkonmywall said...

Excellent! You two make quite the pair! A lovely birthday card between friends.

dguzman said...

I can't think of one of you without thinking of the other; it's automatic, like ice cream and hot apple cobbler.


Happy birdday, Laura, who was the second commenter on MY blog! (She asked for more pictures of who else? Niblet)

LauraHinNJ said...

Susan: I sooo want to hug you just now!

(Truth be told, I wanted to hug you when you first posted this.)

Thank you for this gift... thank you for our friendship... I don't exactly understand it, but think it's so right, you know?


This whole 40 thing finds me sort of off-kilter and wondering at the sense that I ought to be more grown up, more accomplished, more... something.


Thank you for this, Ohio. You're the bestest far-away friend an old gal like me could want.

(We have to find a way to see one another more often than once-a-year-if-we're-lucky-and-the-stars-align-just-so.)

I miss you!

(I do.)

I hold you and the circle of flock friends we've made around ourselves very dear... very, very dear.

Mary said...

Awww, I missed this. I can see the two of you are peas in a pod. You light each other up.

Sweet tribute to the Jersey girl, Susan.

Laura was the first to comment on my blog, too! Way back in the fall of 06.

Love you both,