Friday, March 19, 2010

Blame it on the daffodils

Those of you who are longtime readers of this blog will remember the "Camera Fiasco". (Click here for the big ol' stinking rant)
The camera I received for all that drama turned out to be a pretty good one. Insane zoom for a mid-priced camera, and it had plenty of bells and whistles for me to figure out and exploit.
It took all the abuse of Cape May 2008, New River 2009, and I was hoping it would come along for New River 2010.Last night, we decided to go to a local pizzeria (very was built in the old water works building in Loveland and makes fab fire-baked pizza) and while we waited for a table (we weren't the only people who thought The Works was a good idea for dinner) I wanted to walk down to the tracks that come along the back of the building to see some fresh blooming daffodils.

We were milling about, kicking gumballs and enjoying the daffodils growing under the trees. Lorelei wanted to learn how to take macro shots, so I pushed the appropriate buttons on my camera and showed her how to focus. A few minutes later, she slipped on some gumballs and went down.
I snatched her up and checked for fountaining blood or foreign objects. When none were found, I brushed off her knees and gave her a kiss.

Geoff said, "That was impressive."
Me: "What was?"
Geoff: "Well, you are more concerned about Lorelei than your camera."
Me (I'm a little slow sometimes): "What ABOUT my camera?"
Geoff: "It hit the ground when Lorelei fell."

I wasn't worried too much...I've dropped it a few times. But not when the lens barrel was extended. I pressed the power button, and it powered off. But the barrel didn't retract.

After several tries, I knew the lens barrel was off track or the motor shattered or some other horrible internal tragedy had occurred.

We were seated inside a few minutes later, and the remainder of the dinner was spent with me in barely controlled tears, and Lorelei was quiet. Isabelle, in a show of immense sweetness, offered to let me borrow hers until I could get a new one. (Hers is a small, pocket camera, but I was moved by the gesture)
We do have a spare that only needed a charger and cable, and though it has a pitifully short zoom, it will have to tide me over for a few weeks until payday.

I'm pretty sure that Lorelei doesn't understand how much money it will cost to replace my camera (and though I took it in for a quote, since it will cost upwards of $200 to fix, we aren't going to bother) she also didn't apologize.

I don't blame her, not one bit. She fell, it was an accident. But a "I'm sorry, Mommy" would have made me feel a little better.

So I blame the daffodils.


Mary said...

Susan, I remember well your camera fubar. Now this. My Fuji is working well and I have a smaller version Fuji (similar in size to what you are using) with at least a 20X zoom I will send to you. Let me know!

Susan Gets Native said...

Mary, even without this gesture, you know I love you to the moon.
If you let me borrow your camera, I may elevate you to...oh Hell, I don't know...My Queen?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Murr Brewster said...

Y'all aren't even going to believe what camera I'll be bringing.

Mostly I'll just be bringing my eyeballs and my brain. My eyeballs are myopic and the zoom on my brain gets stuck all the time.

Dave said...

I hope all turns out well Susan. I now use the same Sony as a back up. If you are lucky enough to upgrade, I feel in love with the Cannon T1i.

NatureWoman said...

Queen Mary rocks!!!! Woo Hoo!! I feel so bad about your camera, Susan, wah.

DJB's Photo Adventures said...

Susan, so sorry to hear about the camera breaking. I hate that. Bill has a picture of me pouting after I dropped one of my lenses into the creek while crossing it on a log! How sweet of Mary to offer you a camera. I also have a Panasonic TZ-5 that I am not using if you want.

Mary said...

So does this mean I can lend you my back-up Fuji?? Send me an e-mail and I'll send it to you!

It's a Finepix S2000, 10 megapixels, 15X wide zoom (I thought it was 20).

I used it in West Va last year when it rained too hard and I needed a smaller camera to keep under my coat. It takes a great picture.

Let me hear from you. I take it you are camera-less.

Rurality said...

Oh, no. Mean old daffodils. They are always up to no good!