Sunday, February 28, 2010

When it comes

As the third rock from our Sun hurtles through space, tilting once again on its axis to soak up the rapidly approaching warmth, my mind spins too.
The latest trip around the Sun, full of so many pages like a book.

And dispersed through my book, like chapter plates, the birds I love and respect, who also await the warmth from under a dusting of snow:
Sylvester disapproves of snow

The last of the food supply with a skin of ice
Macro icy crabapple

gives way to moss and the antennae it throws out:
Moss thingies

A rare blue in a flower unfurls and reaches out with fairy toes dipped in colored sugars:
Bluest blue flowers

A new generation will be born in a cup of softness from fur that I lovingly collected for months:
Titmouse and dog hair

When the dogwood throws itself open in a thousand tiny glories,
Sunlight through dogwood

fierceness gets a new face:
Meet your new sister

When it comes, the ice will fracture and our hearts and minds can expand once again, to ride the next trip around the Sun.

When it comes, I can sing again.
Lorelei Hooper Flower


Mary Ann said...

Yeeeeeee------haaaaaaahhhhh! Love it!

Murr Brewster said...

It's tilting again? That explains so much. I need to sit down.


Catbird said...

And here I thought I was the one tilting. Another sign of spring: A Screech Owl trilling tonight just off the porch.

LauraHinNJ said...

Aww Susan... this is lovely!

What is that blue flower, btw?

Beth said...

beautiful - I can't wait for spring either.

Nina said...

Such nice reminders of what we're all craving.
Your blue flower...squill?

Cindie U. said...

Very poetic!

NatureWoman said...

Oh my, I'm loving this post!!! Yay!

Susan Gets Native said...

Blue flower= Russian Squill.
RAPTOR's yard is FULL of it in the Spring.

Susan said...

gorgeous photos! Signs of spring happening everywhere it seems...
f i n a l l y!

dguzman said...

Beautiful, Susan! I heard something about the Chilean earthquake actually knocking us off our normal tilt, too--was I just dreaming that?

性感 said...


LauraHinNJ said...

Squill, yes, thank you. I'd forgotten since last spring!